With an unprecedented rush of PERFECT scores in virtually every outlet - from Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and Pitchfork to XXL and The Source - the critics hail My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy as THE album of the year, and possibly the album of Kanye's career:

"A blast of surreal pop excess that few artists are capable of creating, or even willing to attempt...On Twisted Fantasy, Kanye is crazy enough to truly believe he's the greatest out there. And, about a decade into his career, the hardworking perfectionist has gained the talent on the mic and in the control room to make a startlingly strong case for just that...musically, the new album largely continues where 2007's Graduation left off in its maximalist hip-hop bent, with flashes of The College Dropout's comfort-food sampling and Late Registration's baroque instrumentation weaved in seamlessly. As a result, the record comes off like a culmination and an instant greatest hits, the ultimate realization of his strongest talents and divisive public persona." - Pitchfork (10.0 - best new music)

"It's terrific - of course it's terrific - a startlingly maximalist take on East Coast rap...excellent and huge." - NY Times

"My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is his most maniacally inspired music yet…It’s his best album, but it’s more than that – it’s also a rock-star manifesto for a downsizing world. At a time when we all get hectored about lowering our expectations, surrendering our attention spans,settling for less, West wants us to demand more. Nobody else is making music this daring and weird… With Fantasy, he makes everybody else on the radio sound laughably meek, but he’s also throwing down a challenge to the audience."- ROLLING STONE (5 Stars)

“Students of pop culture will be missing out if they don’t listen to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy… easily his most consistently compelling full-length since 2005's Late Registration… a fever dream with a crescendo around every corner.” – Entertainment Weekly (Grade ‘A’)

"A deeply personal, genre-bending blast of epic, adventurous aural mélange that easily outstrips anything he's done." - USA Today (4 stars)

“Following the experimental 808s, this was the album where rap fans expected Yeezy to take it back to his boom-bap roots. Instead, he delivered something better, a collection of masterfully crafted records that defy conventional genre distinction. The end result is a body of work that pushes hip-hop in a bold new direction and puts Mr. West back at the forefront of the culture once again, leaving nothing more to be said, other than G.O.O.D.-ass job, Kanye.” - XXL (XXL rating)

“My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a true testament to Kanye’s magnificent ability to craft and create music. MBDTF may very well be his best. Kanye West is back.” – ALLHIPHOP.COM (10 out of 10)


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