Two dynamic individuals from the South Side of Chicago, Lyric & Commando, have come together through different paths to form B.X.C. The world has already taken notice of their lyrical prowess. The duo was signed to Def Jam Records under the umbrella of Ludacris’ label, Disturbing The Peace. Alex "Lyriq" Cottrell (17) & Willie "Commando" Stanfield (19), dubbed "B.X.C" is undoubtedly among the best. Based out of Chicago, IL B.X.C creates a musical phenomenon that carves a unique niche in the music industry. Anyone who witnesses the duo’s electrifying, high powered music and performances will realize that Lyriq and Commando have the recipe, motivation, and desire for success… B.X.C seeks to push the envelope of their generation by expressing a unique style to music that touches the hearts of many while at the same time expanding their horizons to make an impact on society and create a union between music and life. Commando knows there’s “more to life than the illusions of chains, diamonds and money, but wouldn’t mind having all three.” It’s this balance that keeps him grounded and in attack mode when it comes to his style of rapping. Lyric is grounded in his family upbringing, which he sites as the motivation that he uses to put the pen to the pad. In B.X.C’s short time on the music scene they’ve worked with artist’s such as Twista, Shawnna, Ludacris and others. The duo has been featured on Disturbing The Peace’s “Strength in Numbers” in 2007 ["Windy City" - B.X.C, Shawnna, and Ludacris]. Other featured music includes: “In Love Wit The Music” - B.X.C ft. Twista, “Head Noddin’” - DJ Pharris ft. Ludacris & B.X.C. The duo has also been featured on Ludacris’, “The Preview” Gangsta Grillz Mixtape w/ Dj Drama with a track entitled “Get up Get Out”… B.X.C has teamed up with Dj Nehpets to release their first official mix CD in 2008 entitled, The Intro.


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