” I am not this image
I am not my name
(Jhene Aiko Efuru Chilombo)
I am not my age
( March 16 1988)
I am not my ethnicity
(Japanese, African American, Native American, etc….)
I am not where I was born and raised
(Los Angeles, California)

I am

A mother to a beautiful girl named Namiko.
A baby sister to 3 brothers, 3 sisters and a big sister to 1.
The daughter of Christina Yamamoto and Karamo Chilombo
but more relevantly, the Daughter of Water, Earth and the Sun.

I signed to Epic/TUG as a 12 year old child, and asked to be released from both companies at the age of 16 to finish high school. I escaped the made up world of Hollywood to experience the natural beauty of the real world.

I am a writer, so I never stopped writing.
I am a singer, so I never stopped singing.
I am a student of life, so I never stopped learning and experiencing.

Shortly before I conceived my daughter, I stepped back into the field and took a meeting with a label head . In this meeting, I was innocently told, to “sell” myself “when walking into these meetings.”

That’s when I decided I would sail my “self” rather than sell my “self”.

-Jhené Aiko


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