October 12, 2011

Video: LL Cool Js I Am Hip Hop BET Hip Hop Awards Acceptance Speech.

Check out LL Cool J accepting his "I Am Hip Hop" award at BET's Hip Hop Awards last night. Read his speech below.

My acceptance speech/what I won’t do is try preach/I won’t assume that I am smarter than you and try to teach/What I will do is set an example for you and inspire you to reach for the stars that’s beyond mars that space bars can’t delete/Because without a dream fulfilled your life’s incomplete/A hearst, a limousine without a backseat/the worst, this Usain Bolt without feet/Real life aint Hollywood, it’s Halloween/Every day is trick or treat/It aint a red carpet it’s a bloody sidewalk from the wolves eating red meat/and these spotlights don’t come with money they come with police/Millionaires cry about raising taxes on the elite/they won’t feed us, as they’d rather defeat us/like an aborted fetus/but your greatest feat is to get back up on your feet/Did I mention, life aint a sprint it’s a marathon/Really stressful on your tendons/and with the shape the economy is in today, you better run to the polls like skinny Kenyans/26 miles miles and two hours and three minutes/It wasn’t weeks or months/It took us 400 years to raise the debt limit/So don’t lose faith, there’s a sweet life out there and one day you will taste/And just like any marathon, you must monitor your pace/and watch out for the haters pushing drinks up in your face/maintain your focus through the ups and downs and debates/and when you win your award, make sure you put in a safe place/and be prepared for whatever…just in case.

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  • ParlayTopspotradio ParlayTopspotradio
    November 10, 2012
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  • JoniDonaldWalker JoniDonaldWalker
    March 4, 2012
    Mr. Smith hosting of the Grammys
    Well done son. I am so proud of you. Not only as an entertainer, but as a dad and husband and lover of Jesus Christ. Thank you for being a gentleman and a wise man. To God the glory. Will keep you in my prayers. mama joni
  • handel7 handel7
    February 14, 2012
    2012 Grammy's
    You PRAY ON, Brother Cool. Thank you for your tribute to Whitney, and thank you for your beautiful prayer. NEVER apologize for your Faith. I'll pray for YOU, TOO. Sister Jo
  • vinniemagoo vinniemagoo
    February 13, 2012
    This was, hands down... one of the best Grammy Awards Shows, ever! The production was fantastic and my recommendation is to Never, Ever have anyone other than LL Cool J host the Grammy Awards. Never! He was the Best! A gentleman... A host, a caring human... a super talent. Hey! The Oscars did it with Bob Hope. The Grammy's would always have a head start on success every time with LL at the helm. Thanks, LL
  • DeniseMcDannold DeniseMcDannold
    February 13, 2012
    Dear LL, I really didn't know much about until last night when I watched the grammys and I was blowen away by you. The way you presented yourself and the way you honored Whitney Houston brought tears to my eyes.You were a perfect person to be on that stage last night and handled a very difficult night so very well. I will become a fan of yours and some day would love to shake your hand my friend .May God Bless you
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