March 1, 2012

Video: Ace Hood - Hallucinations (Trailer)

Check out Ace Hood's new trailer for his video "Hallucinations", full video coming soon.

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  • Delance10000 Delance10000
    March 30, 2012
    macon georgia saying the document's we have isn't enough for probable cause just like in Trayvon Martin Case when it is!
    macon Georgia Law Enforcement,Judges, Mayor, Congress, Senator, prosecuting Attorney, Governmental Agency you all can’t help me why?Atlanta Georgia Governmental Agency I wasn’t sexually abused as a minor a ward of the court under age 12 and you know how must have been in the room cause the last time the LORD thy God and Jesus is LORD and I checked I was and you all can’t me now from 1988-1989 til 2012 cause its out of your jurisdiction but your number listed in The Macon georgiareal Yellow pages how come!The Trayvon Martin case just bout the same .Georga Zimmerman ain’t no grass, no bruises , or nothing showing he had been in fight with Trayvon Martin and the next with both parties being on the phone Wiretap Order Electronic Communication proving that along with the cornorner.I know the Department of Justice will doing a good job and help to up Justice especially with Eric Holder Jr. being the team. Now from the surveillance tape no grass,no blood, no bruises, and more somebody playing games with justice and that’s illegal.Macon Georgia law enforcement,prosecuting,governmental agency, judges,mayor, governor, senator, congress after totally destroying you all Oath of Office and Immunity making you all Anti Christ Fugitives From Justice justice the entire law enforcement department, the entire governmental agency department’s-the city/state-/federal judges and prosecuting attorney’ the illegal wiretap Order Wire,Oral,and Electronic which you were using to plot kill me .I use legally to let you all with your family and friends’, snitches,Intern’s , and partner and Stakeholder’s , and including employees to kill yourselves.Me and My family/extended family and OLgethrope Community haven’t been the the ones to take any thing my mentally birthmother say’s us especially information involving her father we got everything from my late grandmother Mrs.Mattie Lee Gibson Harris his widow and her family including his brother’s and sister’s since they all credible victim and witnesses.The law enforcement,prosecuting attorney , governmental agency, judges, mayor, and more went as far trying us Virginia Harris my mentally birthmother and children as attempt to save themselves from being arrested-sentenced and convicted .I was raised by my great great grandma Mrs.Mattie M.Gibson .a.k.a.Mudear /our momma by Jesus is LORD.The polygraph test I still can take it and the rest even without the polygraph test still will get them arrested-sentenced and convicted to death.Kidnapping and Murder are both capital Offenses Punishable by death with No Statute of Limitation to Prosecute and more.The entire general public(except my family/extended family and Olgethrope Community) and business community both slandering my innocent, Deprivation of Relief benefits Civil Right’s violation which Bibb County Sheriff Department –Prosecuting attorney-judges committed against me at the age 17 years old while concealing the first degree murder of Alex Harris Jr. Sept.2,1965 Bibb County Superior out of their jurisdiction, and more its all on tape the court reporter needs it to make a transcript.The Macon Police Department told me on 3-29-12 that they destroy records after ten years which Terrorist Threats and Act + Sabotage =Terrorism .Along with the violation of O.C.G.A.17-3-2.I don’t mean throw nobody off of track but Rosci of 106 and Parks Nation .a.k.a.Raquel Diaz need to know its not the looks it’s the fact she’s a LORD fearing woman and that’s just just sexy to me (Smiling and laughing!)The entire time macon Georgia has been slandering 106 and Parks Nation BET with information they received only from the Internet from a user not using his government name and no picture it only means one thing the Macon Georgia Public received the information from the local law enforcement, prosecuting attorney , governmental agency, and judges, and more.I’ve been reporting this since 1996 so the mess they’re doing now doesn’t surprise me but it surprises them cause they’re going to death row and then trying get me to associate with damn Anti Christ Fugitives .My late grandfather Alex Harris Jr. Murdered in 1965, my uncle and cousin smith both murdered in 1996, my mentally ill birthmother being Kidnapped –Explotiated and more, My family /Extended family and Olgethrope Community are all come after the LORD thy God and Jesus is LORD cause the come first in my life.Number one question what they doing from 1996 to now to help me and my family/extended family and Olgethrope Community get justice !(smiling and laughing!!!) The City of Macon Georgia-State of Georgia-National have all been getting the information .I’ve been posting since 2005 Hurricanne Katrina all the way this current day March 30,2012 about crimes being committed the law enforcement, prosecuting attorney, governmental agency, judges, The Department of family and Children Services, The Medical Center, RiverEdge Behavorial Clinic, Central State Hospital, Transco Plant Railroad merged into Norfolk and Georgia Southern Railroad and Florida Railroad, R.E.Pearson, Georgia Legal Aid, Macon Georgia Indigent Defense , Gary D. Harris Sr.&Jr.-Debra Pitts-Kolfee Marcus-Marion Curtis-Milton Hill Sr.&Jr. and Jenny-Cassandra Williams-Anthony Williams-Perze Taylor –and their family and friend’s,Central Highschool Ms.Malone-Mr.Sarter-Mr.Caldwell-Ms.Richardson-Ms.Vinson-Sgt.Dixion-Thelma Dillard (who was the local NAACP Branch President ,City Council member , along with the illegal First Degree Murder of United States Veteran Alex Harris Jr. in 1965 with the rest), NAACP and Black Organization’s , and more.The Sexual Abuse of a minor a ward of the court under age 12 occurred while I was between the ages five and six year’s old.The June 20 ,Incident occurred when I was 13 year’s old when the Macon Police put his hand’s around my neck and lifting me up off of the ground by my neck in front the foodstampline and more.The procedures in order for Statute of Limitation to run the crime has to reported the Law Enforcement,Prosecuting Attorney, Governmental Agency who report the crime to proper authority .Child Abuse physical Abuse to a minor under age 18 years old federal crime Statute of Limitation age 25 year’s old.Who can stand up to say the crime was reported to them by me at the age of 13 year’s old.The made no arrest-sentence and conviction cause Macon Police Department is a party to crime-conspirator’s-fugitives from justice –aiding and abetting-Concealing person f
  • Delance10000 Delance10000
    March 27, 2012
    We're Exercing Victim and Witnesses Right's and Immunity just until I'm licensed to practice law!
    The November 4,2011 false arrest /Kidnapping made by CGTC which are partner and stakeholder and Intern’s with Macon Georgia Local Government,Emergency Response Provider,Critical Infastructure ,Appropriate Congressional Committee , and Mayor all are willing participate to them Violation of Oath of office, Kidnapping, Perjury,violation of Civil Right’s, Violation of Constitutional Right’s Cyberbullying which in their case Premeditated Murder-Conspiracy to Murder-Attempted Murder, Conspirator’s to the 1965 First Degree Murder of United States veteran Alex Harris Jr. whom Macon Police made the false and fabricated to report to his murder –and the judges and prosecuting attorney made a bias and prejudice and more-which the mayor,governor, and President(Except Me and Barack Obama and our Adminstration and ,Bill Clinton, and Abraham Lincoln), Conspirator’s to the First Degree Murder of Uncle and Cousin Smith both false reports made by Macon Police,Conspiracies-Attempts and Solicitation, Slander, Stalking –Harrassment and Communication,violation of Privacy Right’s, Violation of Human Right’s,Violation of O.C.G.A.17-3-2, Violation of U.S.C 42, and more…The main thing like in 1999 Walnut Street how I was on the phone with the 911 operator until the Macon Georgia First responder’s (Police,Fire figther’s, and ambulance) arriced to 1372 Walnut Street now both the news paper article and the Macon Police Report both contradict themselves .The other main thing to that case is Georgia Procedures for Victim’s under age 16 year’s now in 1996 I called the Police,Sheriff,U.S.Secret Services, local NAACP , went in person to the mayor and congress office,and more so without no investigation ,no report, and more the Statute of a limitation for a 13 year old being grabbed by his neck and lifted up off the ground by it along with him watching his mentally ill.birthmother the daughter of the United States Veteran Alex Harris Jr. murdered in 1965 called “Nigger’s “ and assaulted by the same police department party to the crime-conspirator’s –fugitives from justice –and more to her father’s mother,not to forget they failed from 1996 til 2009 to question the late widow Mrs.Mattie Lee Gibson Harris of Alex Harris Jr. and one of the witnesses from 1996 til 2009.Travon Martin was on the phone with his girlfriend and George Zimmerman was on the phone with 911 operator.It’s no way possible Trayvon Martin put his hand’s on Zimmerman until he was shot and screaming for up!It’s something I always’s have to keep mind myself refuge of lies don’t ever ever win against the refuge of the LORD –truth-and everything heaven sent.The 11-4-11 til 2-5-12 Kidnapping for ransom stay at Bibb County L.E.C. and Detention Center the Sheriff Department didn’t mention their family and friend’s, Intern’s, partner’s and Stakeholder’s, and Snitches how they talking about letter’s sent to LT.Boltwright!(smiling and laughing!!!)I’m just saying !!!I can’t forget how they are Anti-Christ Fugitives . Our Constitution accepts that force is sometimes necessary to maintain law and order ,but regulates unconstitutional applications in three separate provision-the fourth ,Eighth ,and Fourteenth Amendments .each covers a different phase of the criminal process and impose a different standard for when force is excessive .The Fourth Amendment prohibits excessive force in making investigatory stops,arrests,and other seizures.The Eighth Amendment prohibits use of unconstitutional force on prisoners serving sentence,and the Fourteenth Amendment regulates the period in between arrest and conviction.Thus,our Constitution protects persons in the custody of the law from unconstitutional applications of force continuously from their initial seizure until they completed their sentence. Before Terry v.Ohio, officers in this situation faced an impossible choice-let the person run by or make an unconstitutional arrest. The stakes grew higher after Mapp v.Ohio, in which the Supreme Court held that evidence procured in violation of the Fourth Amendment is inadmissible. If the police detained this man for investigation and found a gun and a roll of money in his possession, the gun and money were the producer of an unconstitutional arrest, made without probable cause, and could not be used as evidence. Right to kill if arrestee fears felony by officer.-If ,during an unlawful arrest,the officer commits, or reasonably appears about to commit a felony upon the arrestee, such as an assault with intent to kill, using a weapon likely to produce death, or if the officer’s violent behavior is enough to frighten a reasonable man into expecting a felony and causes the detainee to act from fear rather than for revenge, the detainee may protect oneself without being guilty of a crime, eve if the person slays the officer.Mullis v.State,196 Ga.529,27 S.E.2d 91 (1943) The Macon Georgia Entire Bibb County Government Directory (Except Me and Barack Obama and our Adminstration) , Macon Georgia Law Enforcement-Prosecuting Attorney-Governmental Agency-Governmental Agency-Judges illegally took everything from the their illegal Wiretap Order Electronic Communication/Wiretap Act Electronic Communications/Stored Wire and Electronic Communication and Transactional Records Act and gave it too their family and friend’s –Intern’s-Partner’s and Stakeholder’s-and Snicthes all participated in Cyberbullying –Premeditated Murder and more.How did the general public get my identity cause off of my family/extended family and Olgethrope Community can voch for me I stay in the house.My Ex Girl-friend’s will say I in the house as well if I wasn’t at work or home looking after my mentally ill.birthmother or my late grandma house.They was on Rosci 106 and Park Community website on BET and Hip Hop vs.America part 1 on BET and more.The BET C.E.O.Ms.Debra Lee, Rosci and 106 and Parks Nation BET , First lady Michelle Obama, Uncle and Cousin Smith, and my family /extended family and OLgethrope Community the went straight hell talking about Rosci taking my future wife .I’m just addicted to LORD fearing women it’s comes with my moral’s and values Macon Georgia/Middle Georgia ain’t got none only wannabe’s.I have reflect over from 1996-2012 and how they saw they ain’t Anti-Christ Fugitives.Me and Mines have Victim’s and Witnesses Right’s and Immunity we gonna be fine Keeping God first and moving forward and fearing the LORD!Now Antwon Jolly and Antwain Fair in Macon Georgia , Jamie Hoods in At
  • Delance10000 Delance10000
    March 21, 2012
    Treyvon Martin In Flrodia has Probable Casue just like this Here!
    Now they have Probable Cause for Treyvon Martin case just from the recorded phone call's just like here in Macon georgia but they so damn convinced the charges can be dropped and I have love for them !(smiling and laughing!!)It's against the law to Conceal Person from arrest, Aid and Abett a person , Improperly Influence Victims and Witnesses, and more! This is one form of method Macon Georgia Law Enforcement,Prosecuting Attorney, governmnetal Agency, Judges, Transco Plant Railroad merged into Norflok Southern Railroad-Georgia Southern Railroad-Florida Railroad,Mayor (Ex Mayor Jim Marshall now Congress, Jack C.Ellis , and current mayor Robert Reichert ), Congress (Ex Congress saxby Chambliss) Jim Marshall,Senator's Saxby Chamliss and Robert Brown, general public fals ewitnesses willing participate in Genocide-Breach of Peace-False and fabricated statement's-Concealing person from arrest-Premeditated murder-Conspirator's to Olgethrope Community Capital Offenses Punishable by death Cases -Conspirator's Kidnapping -Kidnapping-and more.The Internet was and is a automatic way the law enforcement, governmnetal agency, judges, prosecuting are getting the Wiretap Act Electronic Communication-Wiretap Order Electronic Communication-Stored Wire and Electronic Communication and Transactional Records Act starting point 2005 Hurricane Katrina til !They haven't ever arrested me for none of it meaning all of my city-state-National Arrest's are Kidnapping -Blackmail-Conspiracy Against Right's-and more.Here's a prime example of what I'm addressing.Don't forget the 1996 incident involving The Macon Police Department and The Department of Family and Children Services the unknown black female social worker made a false statment about a parking spot which added up to Macon Police officer's calling my mentally ill birthmother a "Nigger" and me going to ask question's and one of the unknown back putting their hand's on me.They violated her Civil Right's ,Conspirator's to her late father Alex Harris Jr. Murder in 1965 at Transco Plant Railroad ,False and Fabricated Report to a crime (which my entire family /extended family and Olgethrope Community are Victims and witnesses too),Conspirator's to 1988-1989 Sexual Abuse of a minor a ward of the court under age 12 and Child Abuse physical Abuse to a minor under age 18 year's old, and more.The current criminal activity at hand is the Macon Georgia Law Enforcement,Prosecuting Attorney ,Governmental Agency, Judges taking the information from the Wiretap Act Electronic Communication-Wiretap Order Electronic Communication-Stored Wire and Electronic Communication and Transactional Records Act to committ murder .How they gonna cyberbully me and approve a illegal Wiretap Order.They were fogetting about their Oath of office and Immunity, Premeditated Murder, Violation of my privacy Right's , Violation of my Civil Right's, Violation of my Constitutional Right's, Violation of my Victim and Witnesses Right's and Immunity!It's the reason for year's the Macon georgia law enforcement,prosecuting attorney, judges, governmnetal agency have been failing to do their job with probable cause.I know I'm crazy sexy cool but I ain't no damn dummy!The Bibb County Sheriff was committing a felony crime from 1996 to now so with Whitehead being shot by his partner the death is on the Sheriff department can't not one of the law enforcement,prosecuting attorney,governmnetal agency, and judges say the crime wasn't reported to them .The NAACP and Black Organization's concealing Al Tillman, Thelma Dillard and her daughter and more form arrest which isn't my problem at all.They canpull a race card and I can pull its a crime to aid and abett a person from arrest and more. Yahoo!Help Congratulations Delance! A confirmation message was sent to you via email. Below are your account detailsPrint Account Details You will need this information to sign in to Yahoo! and to reset your password in case you forget it. Please print and keep this information in a safe place for future reference. Yahoo! ID & Alternate BirthdayFebruary 19, 1983 Secret Question 1What is the first name of your favorite uncle? My AnswerAll of them Secret Question 2Who is your favorite author? My Answerword of God Postal Code31201 Transfer your contacts to Yahoo! Get started Ready to experience ?Yahoo!?? Make Yahoo! your homepage Marketing Preferences Your Marketing Preferences: Select and customize the categories of communications you receive about Yahoo! Products and services. You can also choose to opt-out of each. Edit Marketing Preferences. The other thing to take into consideration which I did while laughing them in public in their faces especially looking at color of state law and Constitution and more! 1.SearchImagesVideosMapsNewsShoppingGmailMoreTranslate Books Finance Scholar Blogs YouTube Calendar Photos Documents Sites Groups Reader Even more »Account Options Sign inSearch settings Web History Advanced searchAbout 4,340,000 results Everything Images Videos News Shopping More Search OptionsAny time Past hour Past 24 hours Past week Past 2 weeks Past month Past year More search tools Showing results for Rutgers Student Trial. Search instead for Rugter's Student Trail News for Rutgers Student Trial Aspects of Ravi trial called ripe for appeal - 10 hours ago ... for appealing a verdict that found the former Rutgers student exhibited ... The mention of Clementi's suicide at the trial and how it affected the Jury to begin deliberations in Rutgers roommate-spying trial - ?CNN International Former Rutgers Student Convicted in Webcam-Spying Trial 4 days ago ... A jury found a former Rutgers University student guilty of invasion of privacy and bias intimidation charges in the webcam-spying trial, deciding ... - Cached - SimilarTyler Clementi Case: Dharun Ravi, Former Rutgers Student ... 4 days ago ... A former Rutgers student was convicted of invasion of privacy and bias intimidation after jurors decided he was motivated by homophobia when ... - Cached - SimilarEx-Rutgers Student Found Guilty Of Hate Crime In Webcam Spy ... 4 days ago ... The former Rutgers University
  • Delance10000 Delance10000
    March 19, 2012
    Premediatated Murder planned by Macon Ga. Law Enforcement,prosecuting Attorney,governmnetal agency, and judges with their dummies!
    How’s Macon Georgia Judge’s, Law Enforcement, Prosecuting Attorney, and Governmental Agency, and more handling Kidnapping my mentall ill birthmother Virginia Harris and being willing participate in her father’s Murder in 1965.The fact the law enforcement, prosecuting attorney, governmental agency, and judges thought they could her children to help them get away with the for example Virginia Harris children daddy’s were telling there children to tell her not to press charges just like Virginia Harris so called friend’s, Virginia Harris two oldest children Ex and Current In-Law’s.All of the Late Alex Harris Jr. and Mrs.Mattie Lee Gibson Harris children are still alive .Especilaly since Norfolk Southern Railraod is also a party to crime-conspirator’s-fugitives from justice to her and our Kidnapping’s!I had the LORD helping me set them up by using the Wiretap Act Elctronic Communication-Wiretap Order Electronic Communication-Stored Wire and Elctronic Communication and Transactional Records Act so since Hurricanne Kathrina 2005 while Ex Mayor Jack C.Ellis was in office and Ex Mayor Jim Marshall now Congress been getting with the city-state-National Judges ,Law Enforcement, Prosecuting Attorney, and Governmental Agency meaning they violated their Oath of Office meaning their up to be arrested-sentenced and convicted to death!(smiling and Laughing!!!)Olgethrope Community Capital Offenses Punishable By death victims Alex Harris Jr.1965 , and Uncle and Cousin Smith 1996 nneither received a fair trial and Macon Police Department can’t find the report’s just like Bibb County Superior Court.My late grandfather brother use to work for Bibb County Sheriff Department he retired in 2011.The Wiretap Act Electric Communication inside the house the device which is running them insane cause I love telling them they violated their Oath of Office and Immunity and are going to be executed!(Smiling and Laughing!!!) The Wiretap Act Oral Communication the snitches and undercover’s I love telling them in front the victims and witnesses that telling not to press charges put them up to prosecuted as well.I get it from my momma Mrs.Mattie M. Gibson .a.k.a.Mudear and my Grandma Mrs.Mattie Lee Gibson Harris !The black community been willing participate for year’s just now from 2005 -2012 living within the black communities and me and Mrs.Mattie Lee Gibson Harris and Her family knowing the law enforcement , prtosecuting attorney, governmental agency, and judges, and more were getting everything from the Stored Wiretap Act Electronic Communications-Wiretap Order Electronic Communication-Stored Wire and Electronic Communication and Transactional Records Act and failing to investigate violating their oath of office and immunity and committing numerous of crimes with no statute of limitation.They mad because I’m a gay meaning happy in the dictionary, celibate , Heterosexual and ain’t fucking their damn Virgin daughter Babylon-Queen Baylon-Jezebel-Vashti-undercover snitches-working with the Police and Satan whores.The best part about it I enjoy being married to the LORD especially carefree without stress and worries! Which bring us back to Premeditated Murder, Conspiracy to Murder ,Attempted Murder, Kidnapping, and more from 2005-2011 on Macon Georgia Law Enforcement, Prosecuting Attorney, Governmental Agency, Judges with them using their entire family and friends and snitches ,and their Intern’s and Partners and Stakeholder’s check out this here from Defjam which I posted last week !Macon Georgia law enforcement, prosecuting attorney, governmental agency, and judges ,and there other damn mentally ill people on nobody is getting the information which is a straight lie!I’m glad to know they enjoy twisting up the word of God taking the scriptures I post and twisting them up instead of worrying about their Oath of Office –doing their job!(smiling and laughing !!!!)I was raised around LORD fearing people my late grandma Mrs.Mattie Lee Gibson Harris , my late momma Great Great Grandma Mrs.Mattie M. Gibson, late great grandfather Alex Harris Sr. ,my late uncle Clarence Gibson , and more didn’t and run around talking about they going over no friend house nor did they have people running to there house and they were drug and alcohol free .I mean my late great great grandfather use to drink alcohol but he didn’t ever ever hit no woman nor did he back and forth to nobody house nor did he anybody run to his house.I also do not work well within a society that are damn Anti Christ Fugitives.I have to remind the local law enforcement,prosecuting attorney, governmental agency, and judges since they refuse to listen to me how they’re going to be arrested-sentenced and convicted to death and I appreciate the documented Kidnapping from childhood age 16 years old all the way up to age 28 years old which all the Victims and Witnesses My Family /Extended Family and Olgethrope Community can vouch for ! President John F.Kenndy Abraham Lincoln, Tupac and Biggie all supposedly murdered and no one saw nothing!I mean the rumor’s behind their murder are silly.Macon Georgia rumor’s they got going on now doing the Premeditated murder of me for example it’s the government, he’s insane, don’t nobody up under oath of office care so it want matter,he’s doing it for the money, he need to practice that sorcery stuff on his self, he’s around people reffering to the victims and witnesses my family/extended family and Olgethrope Community that don’t do nothing, I should wait to until I’m licensed to practice law, and more stupid thing’s.I do enjoy listening to myself read my bible though instead of stupid people .Big Shout’s out to the illegal Wiretap Act Wire Communication inside the resident’s and more.Macon Georgia been using the Wiretap Act Wire and Oral Communication for year’s so I steeped it legally using the Wiretap Act Electronic Communication-Wiretap Order Electronic Communication-Stored Wire and Electronic Communication-and Transactional Records Act from 2005-2012 automatically destroying their Oath of office not to mention like somebody told they left a Paper Trail from 1996-2012 all documented !(smiling and Laughing!!!) I seriously don’t agree with no man putting hand’s no woman Macon Police Department are surely regretting putting their hand’s on Virginia Harris in 1996 and calling her a “Nigger!!” with the Department of Family and Children Services cause both parties were /are willing participate in Concealing her father murder,
  • Delance10000 Delance10000
    March 16, 2012
    macon georgia can't see the information within their wiretap Act Electronic Communication causing them to become Anti Christ Fugitives!
    The Content here plainly is a example of how Macon Georgia law Enforcement-Prosecuting Attorney-Governmental Agency-Judges-along with their snitches –their family and friend’s-their Intern’s-their Partners and stakeholder’s were all willing participate in the Stalking-Harrassment and Communication,Slander,Conspiracies-Attempts and Solicitation’s ,and more using their illegal Wiretap Act Electronic Communication-Wiretap Order Electronic Communication-Stored Wire and Electronic Communications and Transactional Records Act which is Attempted Murder ,Conspiracy to Murder, along with the other list of charges them and other’s are facing.Clifford .J.Harris .a.k.a. T.I. , Hip Hop ,President commander in chief Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama,Rosci and 106 and Parks Nation BET, Uncle smith and Cousin Smith and their family,Mrs.Mattie Lee Gibson Harris and her family Micheal Bell and Jena 6 , the rest of Alex Delance Antwain Harris lil’man’s and Daddy’s Little Girl’s .a.k.a.My family/Extended family and Olgethrope Community are fine beside from the Slander and more! SET EDITION: U.S. INTERNATIONAL MÉXICO ARABIC TV: CNN CNNi CNN en Español HLN Sign up Log in Top of Form Bottom of Form Home Video NewsPulse U.S. World Politics Justice Entertainment Tech Health Living Travel Opinion iReport Money Sports Share this on: Facebook Twitter Digg delicious reddit MySpace StumbleUpon LinkedIn Guilty verdict in Rutgers webcam spying case By David Ariosto, CNN updated 12:50 PM EDT, Fri March 16, 2012 STORY HIGHLIGHTS Dharun Ravi, 20, is found guilty of charges of intimidation His former roommate, Tyler Clementi, killed himself in 2010 Clementi's death stirred discussion about bullying (CNN) -- A former Rutgers University student accused of spying on and intimidating his gay roommate by use of a hidden webcam was found guilty on charges of invasion of privacy and bias intimidation in a case that thrust cyberbullying into the national spotlight and prompted comments from President Barack Obama. The jury found Ravi not guilty on several questions within the verdict sheet, but because he was found guilty on at least one question of whether his actions constituted bias discrimination, he could now face the maximum penalty: Up to 10 years in jail and deportation to his native India. Ravi, 20, also was found guilty of witness tampering, hindering apprehension and tampering of physical evidence. His roommate, Tyler Clementi, an 18-year-old freshman, killed himself in September 2010 by jumping off the George Washington Bridge, which spans the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey, after learning that Ravi had secretly spied on his sexual encounter with another man. Clementi's death stirred discussion about bullying, with Obama releasing a videotaped message less than a month later condemning it. A few months later, New Jersey legislators enacted stricter laws to better protect against bullying in schools. The most serious charges in the Rutgers case centered on whether Ravi's actions had constituted bias intimidation, meaning that he was motivated to inspire fear in the Ridgewood, New Jersey, native because of his sexual orientation. Those charges carry jail time of up to 10 years and possible deportation back to his native India. Prosecutors have said that Ravi tried to embarrass Clementi because he was gay. "These acts were purposeful, they were intentional, and they were planned," prosecutor Julia L. McClure told the jury on the first day of the trial. Ravi "was bothered by Tyler Clementi's sexual orientation," she later said more bluntly. Ravi's attorneys have argued that their client acted thoughtlessly, portraying him as an immature college student who made a mistake, and that his actions were not based on homophobia. "He hasn't lived long enough to have any experience with homosexuality or gays," said attorney Steven Altman in closing arguments earlier this week. "He doesn't know anything about it. He just graduated high school." Ravi and fellow student Molly Wei -- who admitted joining Ravi to watch the surreptitious webcam encounter, which others were also alerted to via social media -- were charged in the wake of Clementi's suicide. They were not, however, charged directly with his death. Facing two counts of invasion of privacy, Wei reached a plea deal in May 2011 that required her to testify against her friend and former high school classmate, as well as to complete a three-year program on cyberbullying and do 300 hours of community service. Ravi turned down a plea deal offered by Middlesex County prosecutors that would have allowed him to avoid jail time in exchange for undergoing counseling, doing 600 hours of community service and disposing of any information that could identify the man who appeared in the web video with Clementi. Prosecutors also offered to help Ravi avoid deportation, though they said they could not guarantee it. Ravi, who had been studying on a visa at the New Jersey university, did not testify on his own behalf. During the prosecution's phase of the trial, the man whom Clementi was intimate with, identified only as "M.B.," told jurors that he had noticed a web camera aimed directly at Clementi's bed. The 32-year-old man testified that he first met Clementi on an Internet social networking site for gay men and that they eventually met three times in the student's dorm room. The two conversed online, exchanged text messages and later had sex, he said. Wei testified that she watched a sexual liaison involving M.B. and Clementi after Ravi had secretly set up the webcam in his and Clementi's dormitory room. Ravi's lawyer, Altman, has argued that his client had initially switched on the webcam to monitor his personal items because he did not trust his roommate's visitor. In Twitter messages from that day, Ravi wrote that he'd gone into a friend's room, "turned on my webcam" and saw his roommate "making out with a dude." On September 22, 2010, Clementi took a train to New York and posted a mobile status update on his Facebook page that read, "Jumping off the gw bridge sorry," before killing himself. Ravi had apparently tried to make amends with his estranged roommate that same night, according to text messages revealed in court. "I've known you were gay and I have no problem with it," Ravi wrote said in messages sent after he apparently learned his roommate had requested a d
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