October 16, 2008

Danced With The Stars.

I had a great time on Dancing With The Stars, hope you all enjoyed the performance :)

- Ne-Yo
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  • rolexdaytona rolexdaytona
    June 30, 2010
    rolex daytona
  • kiesha101 kiesha101
    December 10, 2008
    TENILLE'S BACK.........
    always knew someday you would be on that show. just always thought that, for some reason. Anyways performance was hot as usual esp them male back-up dancers and of course your best "sexy love ever' TENILE! Glad to see her back in the picture. have not seen her around ya latlely, but then again i really was not checking........... But still, she looks good dancing with ya and i hope you keep her around for a long time. The other sexies, can't move like your girl Tenile!

    On anothernote, no hateration on my part, but next time drop Cheryl from dancing with the stars from ever performing in one of your vids again. She was totally wack in it. ( the one with you and the Game) their is just something about that woman that ant cool at all..........
    bye bye for now and God bless ya
  • amcovtime amcovtime
    November 3, 2008
    YOu did a great job.  You are so smooth when you dance.  Can someone say MJ!
  • Lauren27n Lauren27n
    October 23, 2008
    I Love You!

    No words describe your talent your fantastic!!!

    Im obsessed with your music :) new ablum is awesome :D

    Come 2 Belfast Pleaseeee pleaseeeeeee x
  • tygerlilly69 tygerlilly69
    October 20, 2008
    wow!! that was awesome.. u are incredibly talented. ive always been a fan, i LOOOVVE ur songs.. i had no idea you wrote them too .. and wrote songs 4 a bunch of people.. hehe i googled u lol but yeah that was a great performance!!!!! u rock!
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