November 6, 2008

Save The Music!

Ne-Yo VH1 Save the Music Ambassador

CLICK HERE for more information on how you can help SAVE THE MUSIC! :)

- Ne-Yo
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  • rolexdaytona rolexdaytona
    June 30, 2010
    rolex daytona
  • Stringbean Stringbean
    December 28, 2008
    Miss Independent, the movie
    A movie can be made from your music video, Miss Independent. Make a movie based on that theme. Consisder it. Would be a big hit.
    You and Miss Gabrielle Union.
  • Tears Tears
    November 18, 2008
    Let's make history 2gether!
    I have an idea that will touch your heart like it touched mine. I met u at Powerhouse 08 and you sat in the V.I.P area where I was also. I didn't want to spoil ur evening with busines talk and decided to try to find u again. If u send me a proper e-mail address I can send you the info. I'm not a groupie! However, I am touched by your style, differentiality, creativity and the ability to touch hearts! If u remember I said to you "U are the best Next to Michael Jackson" backstage and I meant it!  My idea will not only touch hearts of the people, but also bring unity, change, and most important LOVE back in the streets, communities, and homes of the people.  There's no other Artist that I think can handle the enormous pressure, have the talented and gifted ability, and of course the challenge that it brings but you! If u don't respond I still will find you. Love yopu always.
    P.S. I'm just and ordinary woman from Philadelphia and since I live here and this is supposed to be the city of brotherly love, I want to start building the love here. You will see and hear about LoveLovingLove Inc. U have my word!
  • lucy660 lucy660
    November 10, 2008
    hello how are all the ne-yo fans out there,
    lucy xx
  • Niecey Niecey
    November 7, 2008
    Everyday you give me one more reason you're my favorite ;)

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