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Video: Big Boi On ESPN First Take

January 9, 2013

Check out Big Boi's latest appearance on the new episode of ESPN First Take.

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  • Delance1000 Delance1000
    January 11, 2013 | Delance1000
    Happy New Year's!
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  • jimallstokes jimallstokes
    January 9, 2013 | jimallstokes
    Sports and Hip Hop
    I believe that athletices and art are an obvious marriage for the up and coming dreamers and a safe haven for the parents who grew up listening to and being able to relate to the artists they admired and tried to be. Who wouldn't want to be a Rapper and a Line backer or QB or even coach. Hallelujah. I belive being relatable in live is important in the understanding of entertainment. Black and white television shows, Motown, Dancing, Blues, Country, Jazz And Swing really mean alot to the gereation before us. In conclusion I would say that I really like the direction of the entertainment industry as it remains relevent to what people are feeling. Cool!
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