March 11, 2013

Youre invited to join our new fan club

Hey Friends and Fans,

We've decided to build a bit more structure into our fan base - or fan "club" (if that's your thing). We invite you to officially join The Flight Crew! There will be all sorts of exclusive stuff, rewards, and privileges to be had; some starting now and more coming as we roll out the program. Think of it as a frequent flyer club without the airport security lines, overpriced food, cramped seats, and recycled air - and more like the elite lounge that you always sneak glances into whenever someone walks in or out.

So welcome. Make yourself at home. And thanks for hanging with Parachute.

- Will, Kit, Johhny, Alex, and Nate
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  • laurlaur888 laurlaur888
    March 12, 2013
    Love the Flight Crew
    for all of these years I have been spelling "Johhny"s name wrong?!?
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