April 10, 2013

SUCH HOT BLOOD Out April 30th

Almost two years ago to the day, we released our second album. Since then it’s been a blistering rush from city to city (and the occasional field)—everything swallowed in a gargantuan wash of lights, sounds, and people. You never can tell what it’ll be like until you’re in it, and when you are it’s hard to describe. Anyway, we love it. And somewhere in there, we wrote and recorded our third album, Such Hot Blood. We love that, too. It’s coming out on April 30th. We honestly can’t wait for you to hear it.

Pre-Ordering Options:

If you pre-order the physical album on our website, you’ll be able to download a non-EP album track, “The Fifth Day,” immediately upon ordering. (Note: There is a $4.99 shipping charge, which applies to your total order—not per item.) If you pre-order the physical album at one of our shows, you’ll get a free copy ofThe Secret EP at the show. All pre-orders will be delivered by April 30th. (International shipping will take longer.)


1. The Secret 2. Timeless 3. What’s in a Name? 4. The Storm 5. Safe 6. Bride & Groom 7. True Love 8. This is London 9. The Fifth Day 10. Elizabeth

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