June 10, 2013

Jadakiss Remembers “John Blaze,” “Reservoir Dogs,” & “Banned From T.V.”

Jadakiss Remembers “John Blaze,” “Reservoir Dogs,” & “Banned From T.V.”

“Top 5 Dead Or Alive and that’s just off one LP…”—Jadakiss

Jadakiss is a problem. Not literally, but rather in-rhyme. For more than a decade, the hip-hop’s Cassius Clay has put a hurtin’ on the game. With a pen game terminal enough to cause an epidemic and a flow well-built to part the Red Sea, ’Kiss has managed to stay afloat in a game that’s much different from the era that he’s cut from. The era that produced the B.I.G.’s, 2Pac’s, Nas’, Jay-Z’s, etc.  Sitting with REVOLT inside Def Jam Recordings’ Midtown Manhattan offices, the self-professed Black Babe Ruth reflects on his admired career by shedding light on the making of four classic records he was a part of 15 years ago: Fat Joe’s “John Blaze,” Jay-Z’s “Reservoir Dogs,” N.O.R.E.’s “Banned From T.V.” and The LOX’s “Money, Power & Respect.”  The Champ is Here!

On the Making of Fat Joe’s “John Blaze”

“I remember making it.  Fat Joe, that was the good old days, because you had to be there.  There was no email, there was none of that, you had to be in his studio or your studio.  You couldn’t email, you had to go there.  But [Joe] came and picked me up, I think we went to a studio in Long Island or Staten Island somewhere.  Just me, him, Styles, one of his mans or something and we laid it.  It came out alright.  But the video day was epic.  We had everybody there from Nas, [Big] Pun, Raekwon, us, you know what I mean?  That was just a priceless day for hip hop just going around kicking it, and soaking it all up, it was beautiful.  Beautiful day.”

Jay-Z’s “Reservoir Dogs”

“’Reservoir Dogs’, I remember that.  That’s when LOX was probably in the Meek Mill stage right now.  You know, we was like that hot.  And we had just came back from, we were just flying in from—I don’t know, we were somewhere and we landed in JFK or LaGuardia or Newark and got the call that Hov wanted us to come to the studio to get on the Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life album. We was so young and thirsty that we went to the studio with our luggage and did it right there.  That’s where we met [Beanie] Sigel right there.  [Jay-Z] introduced us, that’s the first introduction to Sigel, like as soon as we came in.  We stopped at Branson too, we had to get Branson that was part of our formula.  We stopped there and then it was ill because Hov, he introduced us to him and then just told him rhyme for us, just spit.  And Sigel just started ‘dah dah dah’ and Jay would be like ‘Keep going.’ This was Hov telling him go.  Then we was like ‘He nice, he nice.  He ain’t got to keep rhyming, he nice.’  And then we went in the other room and laid ‘Reservoir Dogs.’ That’s how that happened.”

N.O.R.E.’s “Banned From TV”

“I was in the studio with N.O.R.E. He called us to come through.  Sheek probably would have been on it but he was in Puerto Rico.  That’s what people don’t know. Louch took a trip with his wife to Puerto Rico.  So he was over there and that’s how it ended up being [just] me and Styles back and forth.  And that started that.”

“Money Power Respect” with Lil Kim & DMX

“That’s just being— that’s when we were just young lads on Bad Boy and using our first single, seeing who we wanted to throw on it.  We used DMX from the Ruff Ryders side and we pulled out Lil Kim from the Bad Boy side of the fence. “

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