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New Video: Big Boi Thickets Ft. Sleepy Brown

June 28, 2013

Check out Big Boi's brand new music video, Thickets featuring Sleepy Brown.

Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors Available On iTunes Now!

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  • Delance1000 Delance1000
    July 16, 2013 | Delance1000
    Keep God first!Justice is Free!Fear God Only!Thank's to my Hip-Hop brother's and sister's for helping me exercise my first U.S.Constitution right press-speech-religion-and more !
    Proverbs 17:15 New King James Version (NKJV) 15 He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the just, Both of them alike are an abomination to the LORD. My job is studying for my SAT’s,LSAT’s, and ACT’s for Harvard Law College !It’s fucked Macon Georgia Law Enforcement,Governmental Agency’s, Prosecuting Attorney’s, Mayor, Governor, Representatives,Congress’s, Senator’s, and more ain’t ever ever doing their job’s violating their oath of office stupid ass muthafuckas!The 1999 911 call made me at age 16 years old I stayed in the house til back up I called for arrived and the Trayvon Martin 911 call George Zimmerman grown ass didn’t listen !I’m just saying!!!Everybody keep ya head’s Up!(smiling and laughing!!!!)My seizures caused at the age of 16 years old would meet USC title 18 1091 Genocide cause serious bodyily injury along with failure to report child abuse,illegally exclusion of evidence they out 1996,violation of duty to report suspected child abuse,kidnaping for ransom,and more to me in 1999!Come up to date 2005 Kidnaping for ransom,Double Jeapordy,and more! The Supreme Court has also said that since eavesdropping violates so many individuals' privacy, the police should only be allowed to bug or wiretap when investigating very serious crimes. So, the Wiretap Act contains enumerated offenses — that is, a list of crimes — that are the only ones that can be investigated with a wiretap order. Unfortunately, Congress has added so many crimes to that list in the past 30 years that now practically any federal felony can justify a wiretap order.(smiling and laughing!!!!!)Macon Georgia Judge’s, Prosecuting Attorney’s, Governmental Agency’s,and law enforcement ya’ll got legally set up and ya’ll violated ya’ll oath of office ,aiding and abetting,fugitives from justice, conspirator’s ,and more which is the reason ya’ll and ya’ll crew mad!Macon Georgia Mayor Robert Reichert and past mayor’s and macon Georgia Chief of Police ya’ll been working so tightly to conceal the crimes !I exposed it on the Internet from 2005-2013 reporting crimes that already took place to along with ya’ll current criminal activity stupid muthafuckas !!!(smiling and laughing!!!!)Macon Georgia Neighborhood watch 2005-2013 Kidnaping for ransom,Unlawful Access to Stored Communication,Breach of Peace, Threat’s-Stlaking-Harassment communication-doemstic violence,Conspiracies –Attempts and Solicitation’s,Involuntary Servitude, Improperly Influencing Witnesses,Violation of privacy and Eavesdropping,Violation of Civil Right’s,Violation of United States Constitution,Breach of Contract,Conspiracy to commit murder,unlawful stop and frisk,Labor racketeering,R.I.C.O.(acts),Criminal Defamtion,Abusing Government office,Treason,Terrorism,Street Gang and Organization Terrorism,and more press charges and don’t drop them!(smiling and laughing!!!!)The T.V. verses the Internet Wire/Electronic Communication Wiretap Order seen only by Judge’s,Prosecuting Attorney’s,Governmental Agency’s,and law enforcement!Ya’ll got beat down by the LORD thy God,Jesus is LORD,and I-My family/Extended Family and Olgethrope Community-Mrs.Mattie Lee Gibson Harris using the Internet Wire/Electronic Communication Wiretap Order please inform them all stolen money or R.I.C.O.(acts) ,and more must be given back and those who stole it must be prosecuted for it to go with the Kidnaping me for ransom Capital Offenses Punishable By Death Crimes ,First Degree Murder of United States Veteran Alex Harris Jr. in 1965 Capital Offenses Punishable BY death Crimes,Genocide, and more ya’ll been aiding and abetting,fugitives from justice ,and more too crimes! My Condolences to Trayvon Martin Family and Macon Georgia Involuntary Servitude,Kidnaping me for ransom,and more stupid asses everything paper and more!Me the child victim now adult victim got illlegally killin em-legally robbin em-legally got them disrespect themselves!Macon georgia can’t lock me up for nothing on the Internet wire/electronic communication wiretap order 2005-2013-National Whistleblower-and more .They can’t find a picture of me on the internet posted with the username nor can they find my government name posted as my username!They fucked up like chuck!(smiling and laughing!!!!)the 2005 double jeapordy crime ‘s and more is on paper ain’t that right FBI agent Adam Preston and more!How long they been aiding and abetting each other? Romans 14:11-12 New King James Version (NKJV) 11 For it is written: “As I live, says the LORD, Every knee shall bow to Me, And every tongue shall confess to God.”[a] 12 So then each of us shall give account of himself to God. Note:Conspiracies-Attempts-Solicitation’s sent out by Macon Georgia mayor,Governor,Law Enforcement,Governmental Agency’s,and Prosecuting Attorney’s with the help of ya’ll local Radio and News Station’s /Media there goes another open confession for ya’ll to the crimes Obstruction of free exercise of religion beliefs including kidnaping for ransom civil right’s, violation of my united states constitutional first amendment right’s , violation of my human right’s, violation of my Georgia Constitutional Right’s, and more! Note:Money can’t buy justice only bribe charge everyhting on the radio is recorded ain’t that right Rickey Smiley and The Morning Show!My’Lil’man’s and My daddy’s little girl’s being smart pay’s look at Judge Judy,Judge Greg Mathis,and more plus Civil Right’s Crimes are all federal ,United States Constitution are your city-state-and national right’ can’t nobody violate your 14 amendment right of the United States Constitution,and more!Virginia Harris listened at the goat’s in Macon Georgia meaning the unsdercover’s and informant’s who all failed to report child abuse,improperly influence witness,aid and abetted,duty to report suspected child abuse,child abuse, kidnapping for ransom –child abuse-and more ,and to me up under age 18 years old meaning since it’s been going since I was up under age of 18 years old along Child abuse federal crime,duty to report suspected child abuse federal crime,failure to report child abuse federal crime,and more Macon Georgia Police Department and Mayor ,Bibb County Sheriff Department,The Deparment of Family and Children Services,Ms.Blue Department of Family and Children Services, and more Macon Georgia judge’s ,law enforcement,governmental agency’s, and prosecuting attorney’s should have warned ya’ll about giving open confession’s!Thank’s to them violating Virginia Harris privacy
  • Delance1000 Delance1000
    July 9, 2013 | Delance1000
    Thank you to all of my Hip-Hop brother's and sister's by my/our momma by Jesus is LORD .a.k.a.Grandma .a.k.a.Mudear .a.k.a.Momma for helpping with exercise my freedom of press!
    The requirements for getting a wiretap order from a judge are very strict! Macon Georgia Judge’s,Law Enforcement,Governmental Agency’s,and prosecuting Attorney’s too bad the entire United States of America Judge’s,Prosecuting Attorney’s, (N)-National(S)-Security-(A)-Agency’s,Governmental Agency’s,and Prosecuting Attorney’s get this so why ya’ll can’t see in Macon Georgia!Macon Georgia judge’s, prosecuting attorney’s, governmental agency’s, and prosecuting attorney’s ya’ll should have told ya’ll children about not following in ya’ll foot step’s too late!(smiling and laughing!!!!) Macon Georgia Police and Bibb County Sheriff Department who made the 1996,1999, 1965 ,and 2000 Incident Report’s ya’ll can easily access the Internet Wire/Electronic Communication wiretap order information which for them is unlawful access to stored communication federal crimes ,Retalitation Against Victims and witnesses,Involuntary Servitude,Murder for hire, Threats-stalking –Harassment communication-domestic violence,Terrorism,Genocide,Slander,Treason,Violation of Civil Right’s, Violation of United States Constitutional Right’s, Aiding and abetting,Kidnaping for ransom,Obstruction of free exercise of religion beliefs including kidnaping for ransom,and more the same crime Macon Georgia General Public-First Responder-Business Community-Volunteer Groups-Radio and News Station’s/Media –Informant’s-and more being committed all from my 2005-2013 Internet Electronic /Wire Communication wiretap order.The FBI ,GBI, and United States Secret Services ,District Attorney’s,federal Prosecuting attorney’s ,and more ya’ll been informed the entire time !The judge’s has to approve the wiretap order in order for it to legal meaning any evidence against me if I was to commit a crime to admissible against me court would admissible evidence to prosecute me!The judge’s here are involved in committing,fugitives from justice, aiding and abetting, and more to the crimes here in Macon Georgia did they plot to kill me using their illegal wire-oral-electronic communication wiretap order my bad I already beat them the punch using their wire-oral-electronic communication wiretap order to get them to fail to investigate,violate my privacy and eavesdropping,involuntary servitude, violate their oath of office,genocide,breach of peace,terrorism, treason,violate my civil right’s, violate my united states constitutional right’s, Kidnap me for ransom 2005-2013 having immeditate knowledge of Internet wire/electronic communication wiretap order,and more!What I learned was the entire time they was pulling the race card they didn’t ever mention the unknown black female social worker in 1996, or Bibb county black Sheriff in 2000,or Pleasant Hill Community and more in 1999, or Virginia Harris sperm donor’s, or Virginia Harris two oldest In-law’s/baby daddy’s/baby momma’s/so –called friend’s,the local branch NAACP President Thelma (city council memebr)Dillard and her daughter-Al Tillman-David Booker left out I use to be present at their local meetings til 2009 along with Central Highschool where Thelma Dillard was on T.A.P.S. and more they failed to report child abuse- duty to report suspected childabuse-and more instead I was lied too about being in Macon Georgia Telegraph causing Bad Publicity and more!Walter P.Jones the school records should make a mention one Virginia Harris children coming to school with mark’s on neck’s!I’m just saying! Macon georgia judge’s fugitives from justice ,and more along with the rest of Macon Georgia police and sheriff department,Law Enforcement,Prosecuting Attorney’s,Distric Attorney’s, Federal Prosecuting Attorney’s,FBI GBI,United States Secret Services,and Governmental Agency’s can anybody come up with a alibi for breaking city-state-federal-and more law’s here in Macon Georgia ! The 2005 Crime’s committed to me ranging from Double Jeapordy,Perjury,False Statement’s(O.C.G.A.16-10-20),Conspiracy to defraud the State,Conspiracy to defraud a political subdivision,Motion to suppress based on unlawful stop and frisk,Threat of crime of violence,Threat to burn or damage property with purpose of terrorizing another,threat to burn or damage property with purpose of causing evacuation of building ,assembly or facility of public transportation,threat to burn or damage property with the purpose of causing serious public inconvenience,Newly discovered evidence for Olgethrope Community Capital Offenses Punishable by death victim cases,Newly discovered evidence for First Degree Murder of both President’s J.F.K.Jr and Abraham Lincoln ,Newly discovered Evidence for First Degree Murder of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis,Newly Discovered Evidence for Antwain fair and Antwon Jolly case newly discovered evidence to clear them of all charges,Obstruction of free exercise of religion beliefs including kidnapping for ransom,violation oath by public officer,violation of my civil right’s, violation of my united states constitutional right’s,Newly Discovered evidence for 1965 first degree murder-genocide(murder)-and more to my late grandfather united states veteran Alex Harris Jr.,Newly Discovered Evidence for 1999 Child Abuse(physical abuse left a minor at the age of 16 years old with seizures)-Involuntary Servitude-Deprivatio of rights under color of law-Genocide(serious bodily injury)-Kidnapping for ransom (Viginia and Alex Delance Antwain Harris)-failure to report child abuse-duty to report suspected child abuse-violation of my/our civil rights-violation of my/our united states constitutional right’s-assault /aggravated assault /and more on Virginia Harris-and more,Newly discovered Evidence for 1996 Failure to report child abuse-Child Abuse- Aggravated Assault /Assault /Illegally Arrest-conviction –and sentence and to Virginia Harris-and more,Newly Discovered Evidence for 2000 No Citation –No Arrest-Failure of Justice-perjury-Kidnapping for ransom-and more,Bribery,Breach of Peace,Violation of Privacy and Eavesdropping,Violation of our United States Constitutional Right’s, Genocide,Conspiracies-Attempts-and Solicitation’s,Threat-stalking-Harrassment Communication-Domestic Violation,Labor Racketeering,Sabotage,Retalitation Against Victims and Witnesses,Murder for Hire ,Premeditated murder, Attempted murder,Aiding and Abetting,Violation of Victims and witnesses right’s and immunities,Federally protected activities,Slander,Criminal Defamation,Intent to mislead, abusing Government Office,Treason,Street ga
  • Delance1000 Delance1000
    July 5, 2013 | Delance1000
    Macon ga.police and sheriff department,judge's, district attorney's,FBI,GBI,and more enforcemnet,governmental agency's,prosecuting attorney's,and judge's how's the Genocide ,violating my privacy and eavesdropping,more working out for ya'll!
    Deuteronomy 4:4(I’ve been sticking with the LORD thy God the entire time Macon Georgia law enforcement,governmental agency’s, judge’s, informant’s,prosecuting attorney’s, and more been sending out conspiracies-attempts-solicitation’s and more unlike them !They’ll be obstruction my free exercise of religion beliefs including kidnaping for ransom ,violating my human right’s,violation my united states constitutional right’s first amendment right ,and more soon thank’s to the wire-oral-electronic communication wiretap order ) New King James Version (NKJV) 4 But you who held fast to the LORD your God are alive today, every one of you. • The Executive Branch Me and Barack Obama been overlooking our otah of office United States Constitution Article 2: Article II [The Presidency] (see annotations) o Section 1. [Election, Installation, Removal] (see annotations) o Section 2. [Presidential Power] (see annotations) o Section 3. [State of the Union, Receive Ambassadors, Laws Faithfully Executed, Commission Officers] o Section 4. [Impeachment] (see annotations) President Commander inchief Barack Obama and Me /Alex Delance Antwain Harris would be getting prosecuted if were with running with fugitives from justice ,aiding and abetting ,and more NAACP and Black Organization’s, Gang and Oragnization’s,Transco Plant railroad merged into Florida Railraod-Georgia Southern railroad-and Norfolk Southern Railroad,Macon Georgia Entire Bibb County Government Directory(Except Me,Barack Obama,Bill Clinton,J.F.K.Jr.,Abraham Lincoln,Me and Barack Obama and our administartion) and their Intern’s-Partner and Stakeholder’s-Business Community-First Responder’s-Volunteer Groups-Radio and News Station’s/Media-Law Enforcement-Governmental Agency’s-Prosecuting Attorney’s-Judge’s-Mayor-Municipal Corporation-Governor-Informant’s-and more,Local Government,Emergency Response Provider,Critical Infastructure, Appropraite Congressional Committee,Legislature Branch,Judicial Branch,and more who break the law committing crime’s to innocent people!Everybody involved in informing Virginia Harris the daughter of United States Veteran Alex Harris Jr. and Mrs.Mattie Lee Gibson Harris not report the 1996,1999,and 2000 crimes committed Alex Delance Antwain Harris ranging from Duty to report suspected child abuse,child abuse,kidnapping for ransom,genocide,involuntary servitude, and more too under the age of 18 years old will be prosecuted it’s been great since in the 1996 Virginia Harris was illegally arrested-convicted-and sentenced and I’m the child victim and child witness to the 1996 crime along with I had to call Virginia Harris mother Mrs.Mattie Lee Gibson Harris to come get me!(smilign and laughing!!!!)In 2005 Macon georgia judge’s,prosecuting attorney’s,probation officer’s ,and more committed theses crimes putting it on paper documenting it kidnaping for ransom,perjury,double jeapordy,false and fabricated statement’s, genocide, breach of contract, Terrorism,violation of my civil right’s, violation of my united states constitional right’s, involuntary servitude, and more too me and been aiding and abetting,fugitives from justice,and more with each other they even went as low to falsely accusing Me and President Barack Obama United States of America Executive Brach for their criminal activity!Mrs.Michelle Obama .a.k.a.First lady Mrs.Michelle Obama and Rocsi Diaz .a.k.a.Raquel Roxanne Diaz ya’ll keep fearing the LORD ,putting and Keeping him first ,and everything heaven we’ll stay good!(smiling and laughing!!!!)I didn’t encourage Barack obama to run for president to take the fall for a crime he didn’t commit!macon Georgia did that to Virginia Harris informing she shouldn’t report the crime’s committed to me up under 18 year’s old knowing she’s a victim to the crime’s committed !It ain’t work out how they planned it!Thank God!(smiling and laughing!!!!) The wiretap order is operatored by law enforcement,governmental agency’s, prosecuting attorney’s,and judge’s!Macon Georgia Police Department,Bibb County Sheriff Department, FBI,GBI, United States Secret Services,Judge’s Tommy Day Wilcox,and more who are fugitives from justice,conspirator’s,aiding and abetting,and more and along with mentioned and admissible evidence to support the reporting of the crime’s using the Internet wire/electronic communication wiretap order committing Genocide ,Breach of Peace,Aiding and Abetting,Retalitation Against Victim’s and Witnesses,Treason,Bribery,Street Gang and Organization Terrorism,Violation of Privacy and Eavesdropping,Involuntary Servitude,Duty to report suspected child abuse,failure to report child abuse, obstruction of free exercise of religion beliefs including kidnapping for ransom,violation of civil right’s, violation of united states constitional right’s,threat’s-stalking-harassment communication-domestic violence,R.I.C.O.(acts),labor Racketeering,Extortion,Abusing Government office,Pejury,Newly Discovered Evidence for 1965 first degree murder-genoicde-and more to United States Veteran Alex Harrs Jr. my late grandfather,and more! Everybody investiagte Mercer College Executive Board Member ‘s?I’m addictive to and is going to marry a Virtous woman (ExampleRuth 3:9-11 New King James Version (NKJV) 9 And he said, “Who are you?” So she answered, “I am Ruth, your maidservant. Take your maidservant under your wing,[a] for you are a close relative.” 10 Then he said, “Blessed are you of the LORD, my daughter! For you have shown more kindness at the end than at the beginning, in that you did not go after young men, whether poor or rich. 11 And now, my daughter, do not fear. I will do for you all that you request, for all the people of my town know that you are a virtuous woman. Proverbs 31:28-31 New King James Version (NKJV) 28 Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and he praises her: 29 “Many daughters have done well, But you excel them all.” 30 Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the LORD, she shall be praised. 31 Give her of the fruit of her hands, And let her own works praise her in the gates. )!I’m not into Jezebel’s,Queen Babylon,and whore’s ( Example: Revelation 2:20-23 New King James Version (NKJV) 20 Nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow[a] that woman[b] Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce[c] My servants to commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols. 21 And I gave her
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