July 12, 2013

The Story Behind Jay-Zs Picasso Baby Music Video

Jay-Z Is Rapping to Marina Abramovic at Pace Gallery

This past week, Jay-Z was at Pace Gallery in NYC filming his brand new music video for his track, "Picasso Baby" off his new album, "Magna Carta Holy Grail". VIBE Magazine was able to get the scoop behind the story for the new video.

On Wednesday (July 10), hip-hop's ruling statesmen, Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter, conducted one of the best artist/fan interactive experiences ever. The CEO of the Roc held an open video shoot for celebrities and regular folk alike for Magna Carta Holy Grail’s hard-edged homage to high-end art "Picasso Baby," at West Side Manhattan’s Pace Gallery.

After making way through a hectic but organized series of sign-in check-points (at three separate building locations, no less), I was finally inside the spacious white-walled art space. The energy of the crowd was restrained spasticness. Roped off along the wall's edge, the 100 or so rotating group of participants didn't know what to expect from the minimalist set. A single 20-by-20 foot, slightly elevated platform served as a stage and a short wooden bench in front of it were focal points. That is until the man himself emerged from a back door as the deep-toned intro piano loop stabbed the speakers with brute force. Upon viewing the rap God -- dressed in a short-sleeved white shirt buttoned to the neck, the iconic gold Roc-A-Fella pendant resting on top, black slim cut light leather pants and pristine white suede high-top Converse sneakers -- fans beamed smiles and wide-eyed excitement.

In one spontaneous moment, Jay grabs me and fellow scribe Shaheem Reid from the crowd, hands me a super-small video recorder (very espionage-like) and asks me to tape “everything that’s going on. Especially when I wave the crowd in. Get all of that.” Shocked, I oblige and for the duration of the six-hour shoot commence to becoming part video director and part documentarian, as I interview guests and capture all the happenings during, in-between and in the green room where Jay took breaks.

Feeling the energy from the people, Jay preceded to interact with everyone in attendance as he floated around the area, bringing his face inches away from his fans -- he even kissed one woman on the cheek as he rapped. Grabbing shoulders, shaking hands, play-fighting, Diddy bopping, performing Kid-N-Play’s famous kick step dance with a gentleman that forgot to do the spin part at the end (which Jay had to show him), was all part of Jay-Z's fun-loving act in every scene. The most notable aspect of the exhibition is that the as-yet-unreleased video already exists in countless Vines and Instagram video snippets, each in perspectives that varied from guest to guest. In essence, it was a real-time music video.

Read the full story here.

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  • MacMaineLloyd MacMaineLloyd
    July 13, 2013
    well i THINK jIGGA and YEZZY shouldnt have beef in them coz they are the rappaers we are looking foward to...WATCH THE THRONE IS THE BEST.
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