December 5, 2008


what does it stand for?
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  • vagoabi vagoabi
    June 29, 2010
    lest coom !
    Are you parça kontör installation may need to be able to purchase a ticket.
  • fadedmoon258 fadedmoon258
    August 17, 2009
    Where are my sins? Or at least thats what I think it is.....
  • SwannieluvzFOB4eva SwannieluvzFOB4eva
    January 5, 2009
    HEHEHE (IDK??)

    Wentz attacked my sheep
    We all munch sultanas
    We ate male strippers
    Wentz attacked my shoe
    Wee! a moist sandwich (lol)
    Wentz(and)Andy made Stump
    We ate michaelangelos shell (teenage mutant ninja turtles)
    we ate mexican salsa
    we ate michaelangelos statue
    we ate mr. salad
    we ate mcflurry salad
    we ate my sister
    we ate mini sausages
    what a marvelous seat
    whack a mole sucks
    who ate mashed squash
    wet and milky salad
    why auntie mary sunbaked
    will anyone marry santa
    wacky average men sucking
    whats annoying my sex
    would anyone make sushi
    when Andy made steak (the movie!)

    They all just popped up into my head lol

  • stumpXmuffin stumpXmuffin
    January 4, 2009
    To me W.A.M.S. means...

    Or should mean...

    Why angry medieval samurai

    When angry mice strike

    Wherever are my slippers

    But I honestly cant think of one to do with the song =C

  • newfaceoffailure newfaceoffailure
    January 3, 2009
    W.A.M.S. ??
    wentz already married simpson
    we are music specialists
    we ate much spaghetti (refrence to spaghetti cat??)
    we are much special
    wentz abolished mr. stump
    where are my socks
    we are manly sometimes
    woman are manly sometimes
    we are mainly special
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