December 8, 2008

Question about New (Boardies Pay Attention!)

You all might have seen a taste of the new fobr last week when we had it up for a couple hours.   Aside from some cool new functions, it's just a heck of a lot easier to use.  And we know change isn't always easy at first so we want to get some feedback from you guys before we officially launch it, since it's your site.  The main question we have is about the message boards.

Since you're very used to the current "blue" message boards but got to play around with the new ones a bit would you rather:

a - Keep the current "blue" boards and your current board account/post count but have a new and maybe different username/account for the rest of the new site
b - Use the new boards and lose your old accounts/post counts but have one new username/account across the entire new site

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- Fueled By Adam

PS - There's no official end date for this poll.

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