December 18, 2008

Fall Out Boy Performing on Jimmy Kimmel

Don't miss Fall Out Boy performing "I Don't Care" on Jimmy Kimmel Live Friday night 12:05AM on ABC!

EDIT: For clarification, this is late Friday night.
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  • vagoabi vagoabi
    June 29, 2010
    Oh my god! I'm looking for something. Most recent parça kontör I found this too, had to say on the website.
  • sunrise1234 sunrise1234
    June 8, 2010
    Fun games
  • JackieForSleep JackieForSleep
    January 3, 2009
    glad i got to go see the guys AGAIN at was a really amazing show and it was cool getting to talk to them after :)
  • calmb4thestorm024 calmb4thestorm024
    January 1, 2009
    that was really funny haha was not expecting that that eas awsome
  • RyanRossIsLove RyanRossIsLove
    December 25, 2008
    Fall Out Boy + Jimmy Kimmel= WIN
    Hehe... the light up guitars were so classy.

    I made my dad watch it with me yesterday, sitting there with this giant smirk on my face.

    The "Womanizer" bit made me laugh. So random. :D
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