January 23, 2009

Jadakiss Watches Obama Inauguration

Check out this video clip of 'Kiss watching the Obama Inauguration live on television.

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  • dnice16 dnice16
    January 24, 2009
    i was doin the same thing on that historic day that i will never 4get
    yo real talk J i was thinkin the same shit u said about how u felt when old boy asked u how doya fell brother , the same way! same shit different day  everything is tempera . I was in da house on my day off chillen wit my backwoods n the air  thinkin free at last etc....free at last i was goin 2 ball but i changed my mind and so that's why i love  u so much cuz u jus so real wit yours like u wont change 4 no 1 but ur self n 4 better  and that's the question of the  week  the year etc........how do u feel about a black nigga who has made it 2 the white house that our ancestor build with blood n sweet n pain wit prayer hoping some day we will become 1 despite the drought that were in recession  us Africans get a chance cuz every one else fucked  up so y not a brother its about time thank god for that the opportunity. now all we as the people must  do is support the  Obama change team and be example n volute to do better  and be as positive  as you can be. Kiss big ups 100 dnice panama city ,colon 
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