January 27, 2009

Fall Out Boy sells out CT, but we just released a few more tickets!

Tickets to the Believers Never Die Part Deux tour have just sold out in Connecticut.  Luckily though we found a handful of tickets that we're releasing out into the wild.  These will go fast, so be sure to pick up your tickets as soon as you can.  Nobody wants to get stuck out in the parking lots crying because you didn't get your tickets.  See you at the shows.

Xo - girlbehindthecurtain
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  • vagoabi vagoabi
    June 29, 2010
    You parça kontör installation may need to be able to purchase a ticket.
  • sunrise1234 sunrise1234
    June 8, 2010
    Fun games
  • FiveStar3 FiveStar3
    February 4, 2009
    GOT EM!!
    cant wait this is gonna be a long 3 months
  • palgeriankeffiyeh palgeriankeffiyeh
    January 29, 2009
    i live in CT, but my parents wouldn't let me go anyway, can't they come to like new haven or something like that? is it really in April? It might snow and maybe no one will come. (I'm such a downer, do I use it to hide insecurity/jealousy?, I think not)
  • carcrasheart3 carcrasheart3
    January 28, 2009
    i love how you just assume they'll be cryin....i'd be bawling and on the verge of a serious depression...
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