January 28, 2009

Believers Never Die Part Deux Tour - More Onsale Dates!

On January 30th & 31st, most of you will be able to purchase tickets to the Believers Never Die Part Deux tour. If you live somewhere tickets have already gone on sale, you know how quickly they're selling out, so make sure to get yours ASAP. Check out the Falloutboyrock.com news story or the FOBR tour page to get full on sale deets & ticket links - and don't miss the 2nd Denver date that was just added too!

XO - girlbehindthecurtain
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  • jmarie469 jmarie469
    January 31, 2009
    Just Fishin'
    Any plans to add more dates?  Or to fill off days w/ smaller "secret" shows?
  • prettyinpunk1122 prettyinpunk1122
    January 31, 2009
    omg i cant wait till april 17!!!!!!! but how much r m&g and do u just buy them wen u buy tickets????
  • OvercastKid OvercastKid
    January 29, 2009
    ah, see you on May 1st!

    I'm so excited. :D
  • peninkchaosxx peninkchaosxx
    January 29, 2009
    It's Gonna Be A Party!
    so excited got my tickets :D
    AH! YAY!
    this is the best tour lineup i've seen in a while :]

    but do tell me why must u practice prostitution and have 150 dollars for meet and greet?
    that makes me sad on the inside :'(
  • bianCAT bianCAT
    January 29, 2009
    AHHHHHH!!!!!!!SECOND DENVER SHOW!!!!!!!!!????????
    I am so excited I cant even breath [or do all the other fangirly stuff i usually do]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hope i get to go to both shows!!!!!!!!but there's probably gonna be two cause the Fillmore is small and I think that is awesome cause now I have a better chance of really going/standing in the front row.....so thnks FOB & the other bands[my bff is freaking out for Metro Station]!!!
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