February 11, 2009

Jadakiss VIP Saturdays With DJ Self Freestyle

Jada goes in over Ron Browz's "Jumpin Out The Window" beat.

THE LAST KISS Coming Soon!
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  • smokersonly smokersonly
    February 12, 2009
    "just moved up from the top five"
    OOOUUUU!!! (A) goodmorning nigga's.   East Coast just took the rap game back!  swag check,  da man just went ham on da beat...  everybody-everybody in trouble,go to the labels and ask for ya cd back, don't press um The Last Kiss is coming March 10, 2kiss9.   don't get scared nigga's... support jadakiss hip-hop needs this one.
    no bootlegers. buy the mix tape, buy the album, get ya D-block t-shirt.   dis is serious...
    struggle my nigga.
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