February 18, 2009

Fall Out Boy Chicken Butts

We’re not very adventurous in the US when it comes to food. See what happens when Kadavar & Diaz (part of the FOB crew) go out to dinner in Japan and order some interesting things off the menu.
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  • CarrotsBerlynn CarrotsBerlynn
    February 23, 2009
    Finger Lickin' good?
    what is this norbit " Then who ordered the CHICKEN ASS"
  • hannahbanana hannahbanana
    February 23, 2009
    hilarious. that was awesome that you hump-dance for your cardio before the show...that's so..i don't even fucking know. funny? hot? awesome? hilarious? shows us that you ARE real, weird people like the rest of us? it makes me feel like what my friends and i do is moderately normal...."is it that time again?" haha can't wait to see what you do for the show in denver....you know, the lack of air can make even more crazy than the awesome partying in japan...hahahaha
  • Celena Celena
    February 20, 2009
    Funny! XD!
  • carcrasheart carcrasheart
    February 20, 2009
    seriously, Dre deserves a medal for sniffing a noodle!! Who does that? It was funny tho,
    and also the surfing was excelllent!!!!
  • kikifobfan05 kikifobfan05
    February 20, 2009
    The ending was FUNNY! That looked gross when Dre,the security guard put the noodle up nose nasty! but funnny! ,and it looked like Patrick, Joe,and Andy were doing a MC Hammer/ hula type dance XD! LOVE U GUYS!!!!!
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