March 3, 2009

We’re finally going to be able to see inside Andy’s Fridge!

That’s right folks, Andy is going to join the ranks and let you see the inside of his house on Cribs! Make sure to tune into MTV at 4:30 PM on March 7th to see where all the magic happens.

XO – girlbehindthecurtain

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  • FOBsEsSed579 FOBsEsSed579
    March 15, 2009
    Ugh fuck I missed it I had to drive my sister to her lame ass cheerleading thing and it is still not on youtube. Can someone please post it soon before I flip a cork and take it out on my sister!
  • ihatexheartemos ihatexheartemos
    March 12, 2009
    I missed it... aww. *what do you think of emos?? Please anyone come say at my profile page..!!*
  • chazlouise chazlouise
    March 9, 2009
    Hey fall out boy i love you the concert in manchester on the 5th march i love u c u again
  • 5455wentz 5455wentz
    March 7, 2009
    Deja Vu much?
    That's really wierd like a month ago i asked them in the Q&A section, and i asked when or if Patrick and or Andy would ever get on cribs. That's really wierd. I can't wait till this after noon.
  • Flooptastic Flooptastic
    March 6, 2009
    i wonder when patrick will do his
    im mean. with andy now in the crib [get it] patrick is the only one who isnt. loved pete and joes crib. cant wait to check out what andy keeps in his fride [and basement]
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