March 3, 2009

Jadakiss & The Lox on A-List Radio

THE LAST KISS In Stores April 7th! Make sure you get your copy!
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  • smokersonly smokersonly
    March 7, 2009
    The War Lox's
    It's good, to see everybody in good spirits. Dj. Enuff act like he don't know what it is; D-Block. (The movement) Where now in position to take the whole game back. New York stand up... listen to the lyrics, the bars, and the beats, dez nigga's are true to themselves. It's like da Holy Trinity or some shht. Real old fashion bars like, da shht is crazy.. If you aint tuned in den you must be on another fckin planet or something support The Last Kiss April 7, 2009 no bootlegers... shout out to sheek, G-host, and da D-Block family (getyamoney) struggle my nigga's
  • Bkat1722 Bkat1722
    March 6, 2009
    Super Tight
    For the record The L.O.X are at the top of the food chanie, then its Born Legends. Now Im super tight cuz its true about how low the bar is to get in the game. But at the same time because of that its harder to get sign. Me and my team go hard on every track ( and its not any of that dancing Tie-Bow shit.) We get mad hits on But the doors are not opening, we got more then one style, still notting.
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