March 10, 2009

FOB down unda part deux!

In this video you'll see a lot of fanny packs, Mike from Hey Monday play bass for Pete, and more! Watch it now on FOE!

Also, have you been at a M&G lately? If you were at any of the shows in the UK and New Zealand, your pictures are now up on!

XO - girlbehindthecurtain
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  • carcrasheart carcrasheart
    March 14, 2009
    ooh nice fanny packs.
  • FallOutGirl101 FallOutGirl101
    March 13, 2009
    Loved it, guys!
    That tour was awesome! Come back to Australia soon, PLEASE! xD I need another dose of awesome FOB-ness.
  • modelgluesniffer modelgluesniffer
    March 12, 2009
    cute fannypacks. and always remeber to carry your clippesr around for self defense
  • Epitaph Epitaph
    March 11, 2009
    Nail Clippers
    O_o Pete you weirdo.Haha.
  • carcrasheart3 carcrasheart3
    March 11, 2009
    spongebob fannypack!!!!!!!!!
    fannypack...ROX!!!!!! lol nail clippers...defense mechanism....;DDDDDD
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