March 13, 2009

Jadakiss Got The Hawk With Him!

THE LAST KISS In Stores April 7th!

Text JADAKISS to 66937 for a free Jadakiss ringtone and updates.
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  • smokersonly smokersonly
    March 20, 2009
    Hawk Daddy Work CooL
    Gravity switchblade hawk work. get ya hawk game proper so when shht get outta hand one flick of the wrist work, don't bullshht! all lat jumpin around and talkin loud yellin none of dat just hawk work.. tryin to make a seen so somebody can break it up, No, none of dat just hawk, dna, dats it. me i'ma snuff u first den before you hit da ground hawk work, dat's just moe.b. i'm certified trained to snuff, hawk, dat's it. moe.b aint no big nigga so hawk den let da wolfs eat u straight up! Support The Last Kiss in stores April 7, 2kiss9 cop 3 of dem joints a piece. D-Block, Rocafella, Defjam... We bringing da hood back!!!
  • Edubz Edubz
    March 13, 2009
    Hawk work
    Yo good looks on the shout out to Boston Kiss. Let us know when you coming through my nigg. Beantown always supporting. 1 E-dubz
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