March 27, 2009

MC Anniversary Countdown: #20 - #19

EMOTIONS, #20 on our countdown, was the first single from Mariah's Emotions album and was her 5th consecutive #1 hit. An upbeat, disco-influenced dance number, the song was composed with the C&C Music Factory duo (Clivilles and Cole). The video was shot in blue, orange and pink filtered lenses around a party scene with Mariah laughing and joking with friends. "Emotions" is especially loved by fans for the repeated use of Mariah's unique signature high notes in it.

Fans comment about "Emotions":

Marisa G: I love the vocal range on this... it really makes you feel the highs and lows that emotions can bring.

Marquis W: Oh the effortless, fluidity of the whistle register and Mariah's commanding ability to reach octaves I never knew existed. It still gives me chills and goose bumps to this day.

Lam Chi Ching: Amazing vocal performance! Perfect whistle and chest notes. I can't think of anyone in the world can sing this song as good as Mariah did.

Ricky M: The text book case that demonstrates that no one has a vocal range like Mariah and that no one can connect a great voice with a catchy song better than Mariah.

Mark T: What can I say about this song? This just really takes you on a "higher" level. Just when you think MC's high notes could get any higher, we are treated to even more superhuman-ness with the high notes on this song. MC's trademark on its best. Also, being the first single of her second album that went to #1 is a remarkable achievement -- MC not experiencing the sophomore slump that they always say.

At #19 on our countdown is Charmbracelet's lead single THROUGH THE RAIN. The song centers around a soft melody, uplifting lyrics, and commanding vocals from Mariah. The video, inspired by her parents interracial marriage during a time of turmoil and in memory of her father, was shot around New York City and features The Sopranos' Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Fans comment about "Through The Rain":

Rudy P: This song told all of us that Mariah was going to be all right, and it reached out and touched us at the same time.. It's nothing short of inspiring, and it was a very brave song to release as a single.

Mark T: 
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