March 27, 2009

MC Anniversary Countdown: #18 - #15

ONE SWEET DAY, Mariah's timeless duet with Boyz II Men is at #18 on the countdown. The second single from Daydream holds the record for most weeks spent at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart (16). Fans have expressed their gratitude towards Mariah for writing this touching song in memory of loved ones who passed. The video for the song documents the recording process of the song and clips of the group joking in the studio. The single featured several acapella remixes that captured the rawness of the song's lyrics and sincere message.

Fans comment about "One Sweet Day":

Acairo F: I lost my best friend 2 years ago in a road accident. I was shocked and didn't want to believe what had happened to her..ONE SWEET DAY reminds me of her always. I can't ever forget those happy days with her..I always dedicate ONE SWEET DAY to her..thank you Mariah for making this song..May she rest in peace in heaven..Love you, SHEENA MAE.

Jeff I: What can I say about this song that hasn't already been said?  I know I am not the only person who has been affected by this song and I won't be the last.  This song is a true testament to how Mariah's music can really have an impact on someone's life.  When a close family friend passed away after years of fighting cancer, it was this song that helped me come to terms with what had happened.

Taryn C: This song will always have a special place in my heart because it was released the year my Grandmother passed away. Mariah knew what I, along with many other people were feeling when they lost the people they loved the most.

Joabe A: Another song that helped through difficult times. I lost my mom 11 years ago, and every time I hear this song I feel more comfortable, because I know that she's watching me somewhere and someday we'll meet again and then I will tell her everything I wanted to say.

Marquis W: It is the blueprint for a beautiful, respectful, loving ode and tribute to the people we've all lost in our lives and it remains one of the most shining examples of Mariah's artistry and ability to meld her voice with other great musicians to create a lasting elegy of grace.


CLOSE MY EYES comes in at #17. This album-cut from the Butterfly album may be unknown to casual listeners, but Mariah's hardcore fans have always shown Mariah their love for it. "Close My Eyes" is one of Mariah's most personal songs whose heartfelt lyrics tell Mariah's life story and hardships she's gone through as a child. The beautiful melody and Mariah's poignant delivery carry the song to its final, almost visual climax. Mariah performed the song on the Rosie O'Donell show in 1997 and sang it at a couple of tour stops per fans' requests.

Fans comment about "Close My Eyes":*WINNING ENTRY*
Artemis P:  This song always makes me feel a tad stronger, regardless of how vulnerable I may become when I think of all the adversities I've been through.. "Guardian angel, I sail away on an ocean, with you by my side, orange clouds roll by, they burn into your image, and you're still alive" are my favorite lyrics of all time. They very eloquently render everything I felt all these years. Thank you Mariah.

Jayson C: Mariah's at her best when her artistic expression is unguarded, raw and honest. This particular song reminds me so much of my own adolescent years it's almost eerie. From the understated music to the simplicity of the chorus (la da da da da..), the concept of "passing time" is clear and brilliantly paired up with such beautifully voiced, candid lyrics.

Psychofunkapus: I can't even know what to say...if i could have a theme song this would be it. It describes my childhood as if MC was in my head...but more importantly it reminds me where i've been and how FAR i've come. You truly can OVERCOME anyone or anything that tries to hold you down!!

Raeanne L: The songwriting demonstrated in this song is masterful.  Mariah uses her layered vocals in such a breathtakingly beautiful way once again.  Absolutely gorgeous, sincere and touching song.  This song has also been a therapeutic song for me.

Sam P: Now, this is the most beautiful ballad ever, IMO. The piano accompaniment in this is just indescribable. Mariah's soft and emotional vocals lift the song to another level. As I have probably said before, "Butterfly" is the one of the greatest album to just sit down, and relax to. It's the ultimate chill-out collection, and this song is the highlight.  This is a real hidden gem, and I know this is one of Mariah's favourites too. She performed it wonderfully on the Rosie O'Donnell show in 1998.

TOUCH MY BODY, #16 is the first song from E=MC2 on the top 20 countdown. Last year, the song achieved an historic feat as it became Mariah's 18th #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, making Mariah the solo artist with the most #1 singles on the chart. "Touch My Body" was released as the first single from E=MC2, blew up on the radio faster than anyone expected and broke the record for most digital downloads in its opening week. Thanks to its light attitude, breezy vocals, fun lyrics and unforgettable music video, the song which coined the contagious line "I best not catch this flick on YouTube" is ubiquitously loved by fans.

Fans comment about "Touch My Body":

Christopher: Mariah's 18th number one. TMB is the hotness. It so super catchy, and the video for it is so funny. A song people were singing for months, not easy to get out of your head...I still find myself hooked on it at times, this song was made so that people can't forget about it.... It's like you become obsessed with it.

Gidgetgoesny: Not only because it's new, but because it speaks so well of Mariah's deeply sensual, sexual femininity. Plus! It has a kicky beat! Don't you just Love the way you have to listen closely to the way she pronounces the lyrics so that you get her meaning?  She's going to 'treat him like a teddy bear, so he won't have to go nowhere." It's almost got a country lyric!  I worked real hard to find out what a "Wendy Interview" was. Mariah is diverse. This is the song that plays on my cell phone when the lover calls.

Jo Ann S: Addictive and indicative of Mariah's sense of fun and lyric genius. I can't stop playing this song. Help me-no don't, I love it. It is MC being fun, flirty, fast and all female.

Rudy P:

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