April 22, 2009

Parachute to Land in Fredonia

Contributed by: Buffalo.com/YourHub Robert Frezza on 4/21/2009
Originally from Charlottesville, Va, Island recording artists Parachute are gearing up for their first full-length album release in May. The lead single, "She is Love" is receiving radio airplay in part to the efforts of their sponsor, Nivea. The band will be arriving to Fredonia in May and Buffalo.com/Your Hub had the chance to speak to lead singer Will Anderson.
Q: Charlottesville, Va. is your hometown.
A: Yes, it is. It's where we went to college and where we grew up, as well. We met in high school. We were friends longer than we were in the band. We were all into music, so we decided to start up a band.
Q: The band was originally called Sparky's Flaw. Why thename change to Parachute?
A: We knew wewanted to change the name for a while. It finally came to a point that we found a name that better reflected the band. It was very natural and very simple.
Q: Your on tour with O.A.R. How has that been going?
A: O.A.R. are such nice guys. It's unbelievable how professional and great the entire crew is. To share the stage with them is quite amazing. It's been nothing but good things from them and we love their music as it is. We've been really lucky.
Q: Have you been finding a lot of O.A.R. fans coming up to you after the show?
A: Yeah, actually. The fans have been awesome and really supportive and they've been really cool to us.
Q: How did Nivea approach you about using your single intheir ads?
A: They came to us with a commercial a while back. The song was featured on their ad campaign. It has definitely raised the number of listeners we have. It was pretty incredible.
Q: Your already being compared to Maroon 5. How does that feel?
A: We love Maroon 5 and bands like The Fray. We do like a random, eclectic mix of music that does include everything from Billy Joel to Billy Idol. To combine our influences and make a CD out of it is an unbelievable opportunity for us.
Stay tuned for Parachute's album to be released in May. In the meantime, check them out at SUNY Fredonia on May 2.

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