May 15, 2009

Know your Parachute. Really.

Long story short, someone in the office that isn't Feedback recently learned that Parachute—the band once dubbed Sparky's Flaw, and looking dapper in the No. 1 album slot at iTunes this week—is not a Christian rock band. That'd be Parachute Band, a Fall Out Boy-ish act with the Jesus jitters who rep big in Canada. Not our guys.

C-VILLE got a copy of our Parachute's debut, Losing Sleep, last week, and Feedback is slated to interview frontman Will Anderson in an hour or so. (Read next week's C-VILLE for the interview, as well as a review of Losing Sleep by none other than John Ruscher, who once joined Sparky's Flaw on the road.) Safe to say that, criticism reserved for now, we've listened to Losing Sleep, and know our boys when we hear 'em.

But do you? Accept no Parachute substitutes, people. Here is a list of other Parachute-nomered bands to beware:

1. Parachutes. Very crafty, you pluralizing punks. These imposters are from Iceland and really like Sigur Ros.

2. Plastic Parachute. Our wild-at-heart Parachute boys won't be tempered by a female singer. Next!

3. Parachute Musical. Neither Parachute nor a musical. Is there a rule about bands named "Parachute something or other" needing a piano? (P.S. These guys are giving it away for free. Literally.) I think Will Anderson wins this singing contest.

4. Poorly Built Parachute. Poorly built Nine Inch Nails or Aphex Twin?

5. The Holy Parachute. Ha! I get it! Ska bands love punny band names—just look at the Skatellites!

Honorable mentions: Feet Feet Feet Parachute, Patchwork Parachute, and a Parachute that didn't get the memo.

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