June 8, 2009

Fall Out Boy gets Sirius.

The FOB dudes stopped by the Sirius Radio studios recently and played (imo a fantastic live version of) "Sugar We're Goin Down".  They also chat chitted and answered some questions. Check it all out here!

XO - girlbehindthecurtain
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  • ThnksAgainFrThMrrs ThnksAgainFrThMrrs
    September 16, 2009
    on the comment...what, 5 below me? (the one in all caps. above my previous 1)
    BULLSHIT. U RNT A TRUE FAN AT ALL. if u were, u would NOT have said that about patrick or joe. how dare u say that!? GO HOME. GET A FUCKING LIFE. THAT WAS A HORRIBLE POST. i agree with the comment 2 below me.
  • FallOutGirlX FallOutGirlX
    June 26, 2009
    To Thee Person One Comment Below Me...
    Well Said My Friend.....:D
  • raeloveshim raeloveshim
    June 25, 2009
    Regarding the person 3 comments below me...
    If you like Fall Out Boy, you like evry single member of their band. You like all their music. You don't like the guys for their look, or because they're "emo." Get a freaking life. How dare you hate on any piece of this band and what they do. They work hard for their praise and money. How dare you even THINK of hating on Patrick or Joe because of their looks. I bet you're an ugly fat troll. I bet a centimeter of Patrick and Joe have more talent than you would ever hope to have. Boys, keep up the good work. ;-)
  • FallOutGirlX FallOutGirlX
    June 25, 2009
    To The Person Two Comments Below Me..
    What Thee Hell Are You On About?? Is Your Life Actually That Sad That You Have To Come On Here And Voice Your Bad Opinions About An Absoluetely Amazing Band?? Joes Afro Is Amazing...Patricks Sideburns Actually Rawk! And They Look Amazing With His Hats... The Band Will Be Throwing Their Careers Down The Drain If They Listen To Some Creep Like You...For God Sake Take The Caps Lock Off!! And If You Think That Americas Suitehearts Is So Crap And Pointless Then Why Dont You Get Your Awesome (And I Have To Say, Gorgeous) Band And Jump On Stage At Your Sellout Tour And Sing One Of Your Unbelievable Songs That You Wrote To The Millions Of Fans Screaming Your Name! Love You FOB =]
  • CryingOnTheCouch CryingOnTheCouch
    June 24, 2009
    To the person below me:
    Holy shit. Little excited there? If you think they are such an amazing band, You should appreciate all their music. And Patrick and Joe are AMAZING. One more thing to you, Leave your caps lock on? [I love Fall Out Boy. Every single member, every single song.] Can't wait to see you guys in St.Louis. I am freaking pumped. <3
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