June 24, 2009

Pete chats it up with Carson; Folie A Deux prepares to walk the Great Wall

Pete's appearance on Last Call With Carson Daly will air this Friday (June 26) at 1:35am (Technically June 27 for you picky ones out there). Make sure you tune in to hear Pete talk about the new single, album, tour, life etc.

In other news around the world, Folie a Deux is going to be released in China on June 27th! To follow up the release in China, Fall Out Boy will be performing at Cotai Arena in Macau on July 19th. Ticket info can be found here. Anyone down for a trip across the pond?!

xo- thegirlbehindthecurtain
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  • thegymnast100 thegymnast100
    July 9, 2009
    ill never see fall out boy im so fucking obsessed
  • FallOutBoyGirl FallOutBoyGirl
    July 2, 2009
    yess i think there is a new fall out boy video clip coming out.........What a catch, donnie!!!!! i saw it on facebook!!!!! it said somthing about see the new photo on fall out boy`s new video!!!!!!!!! im going to check it out now!!!!!!
  • FreakyFaceFilms FreakyFaceFilms
    July 1, 2009
    Don't Worry! No New Single was Discussed!
    I saw this online and no new single was discussed, let alone the album...
  • ThnksAgainFrThMrrs ThnksAgainFrThMrrs
    July 1, 2009
    new single? sweet. what is it? when does it come out?
  • hollhocksfob hollhocksfob
    June 29, 2009
    what is the new single going to be? :D
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