July 16, 2009


Kenny Babyface Edmonds at Indigo 02

Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds is currently at the start of his world tour and his one and only date for the very first time in London at the Indig02 was fantastic. Kicking off with “For The Cool In You” in true Babyface style we were transported as you’d expect into two hours of a world of romance and smooth tunes. All the classics were performed  “Two Occasions,” “Never Keeping Secrets” and the like - and he also treated us to songs he’d written for others like Boys II Men “End of the Road” and Tevin Campbell’s classic “Can We Talk.”

Kenny Babyface Edmonds at Indigo 02

His charm and sense of humor oozed into the crowd as he admitted his first few songs were written at a time he was madly in love. It wasn’t hard to be totally smitten by him and hope that he’d notice you… Some got this wish as two very lucky ladies were sang to romantically whilst Babyface jumped into the front row.

Babyface fans were treated to stories of him dancing back in the old days with The Deele coming on after El Debarge and talking on the phone to Eric Clapton feeling quite humble. You have to admit that with all he’s written and performed, Babyface is a legend in himself.

Kenny Babyface Edmonds at Indigo 02

Slickly dressed in all-black, Babyface put on a show that was fast moving, wistful of old times and great magic songs. His entourage were equally entertaining, consisting of a very talented guitarist who was literally bouncing with energy and a tres sexy smouldering bass guitarist.

A tribute to Michael Jackson was added to the line up and he promised that all his live performances now would include a hit from the belated star. We were treated to a moving version of ”Gone Too Soon” – Babyface with guitar in hand, softly stringing the notes and moving us all.

Kenny Babyface Edmonds at Indigo 02

Unfortunately he missed a few favourites with “Rock Bottom” not included, but it still made for an amazing evening that slipped by too quickly.

He plays Switzerland at the start of the week and goes on to Denmark followed by a short stop back in the states with many of his dates in Japan, finishing up the tour in Mississippi, US in October. All I know is he needs to come back with more than one date – and soon.

Review by Hina Pandya
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  • patricia8 patricia8
    June 17, 2010 | patricia8
    Need you back in cleveland, Ohio
    Hey Kenneth, I miss you, I finally got my second husband to enjoy you as much as I do especially with your last concert in Cleveland, Ohio at the House of blues. I've seen you three times and can't wait to see you again. Truly your biggest fan
  • halopowered halopowered
    November 2, 2009 | halopowered
    great news
    great news
  • AshleyDiggs26 AshleyDiggs26
    October 30, 2009 | AshleyDiggs26
    Ernesto Phillips and Aunt Renee would've been proud
    My once simple, melody filled life was altered after the passing of Ernesto Phillips(2004) and Renee Diggs(2005). They were the only ones who understood my passion for music growing up on Bestgate Rd in Annapolis, MD. They gave me guidance and culture before bringing me to Columbia to record my own renditions of some of your finest penmenship. Your songs helped me take an event that brought me pain and turn it into something positive. Since their untimely deaths, and the birth of my daughter, I've continued to grow in hopes of becoming the best ASCAP member I can be.I'd be honored to make your aquaintance and can be reached at(910)489-3951/
  • AshleyDiggs26 AshleyDiggs26
    October 30, 2009 | AshleyDiggs26
    Your Comment
  • BobbyJackson BobbyJackson
    October 19, 2009 | BobbyJackson
    An old friend.
    Hey Face, I hope you remember me, my name is Bobby Jackson from Atlanta, Ga. I used to work with Merl and Zetra Smith. I have a pop male artist that I would love to get your feedback on his music material. You did a lot for my career back when I was signed to LaFace and I just liked to say thank you Face!
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