August 4, 2009

FOB is walkin’ in the spider webs.

Well Fall Out Boy in Asia coverage continues. In this update we get to see the dudes trying to catch a spider (they’re kinda little girls about it. Man up fella’s.) and that dreams really do come true. Remember when Folie A Deux came out, there was a chance you could win a golden ticket and a lucky lady won a golden that gave her the chance to meet the band and announce them on stage? Well, it finally happened! Can you imagine how nervous Chae Wu Cho must have felt in front of all those people? Ehhllllll. Check out the video for yourself here.

ALSO! Umm have you heard the good news?! FOB WAS NOMINATED FOR A VMA!!!! I’ll grab the marshmallows & chocolate, you grab the graham ya by the fire to celebrate later.

XO – girlbehindthecurtain
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  • thegymnast100 thegymnast100
    August 9, 2009
    Patrick swears just about as much as I do..... A lot kinda. Nice Patrick. Even though I hate spiders, I think that it's kinda good that you saved it because they kill mosquitoes and evil little bugs. But I still think that they are creatures from hell. Love you Patrick....Although you don't know that do you.
  • Pennie Pennie
    August 7, 2009
    DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMN! Patrick, you are one brave person. Infact, you all are. I would have run out of there screaming, and possibly had a panic attack =/ I hate how spiders can get that big...and bigger =(
  • iluvps iluvps
    August 7, 2009
    made me want to throw up that thing was sooo big. we had a spider in my basement that was about that big, i ran outside while my step-dad killed it.
  • Selphie12 Selphie12
    August 7, 2009
    Odd title...
    I thought it was something like FOB hanging out with No Doubt. Tbh, that'd be awesome! Hook that shit up then invite me!^^ I'd be that way about a spider too, i seriously jump outta bed and sleep downstairs if I see a spider at night!
  • chocolatechortle22 chocolatechortle22
    August 6, 2009
    way to be macho gys. no im just kidding that thing creeped me out so much, i have this like HUUUGE!! fear of spiders and if that happened to me i would 1st scream really really loud them for the next 10 seconds i would be yelling GET IT OUT GET IT OUT GET IT OUT!!!!!!!!! then i would calm down and start laughing of fear. and not help at all. so this sounds really wierd but ive never actually heard Patrick swear its very amusing.
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