February 3, 2010

Video: LL Cool J On The Ellen Show.

Check out LL Cool J's appearance on The Ellen Show yesterday. They discuss Haiti, his hit CBS show, The Grammy's and more.

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  • deesigner2 deesigner2
    April 2, 2010
    FOX interview
    if Palin would quit trying to plagiarize former speeches, draw from old interviews for her TV show and stop writing notes on her hand, she could become more believable. the FOX interview had nothing to do with rascism and everything to do with the above.
  • sandra1 sandra1
    March 31, 2010
    your FOX interview comment.
    I used to like your music and think your clothes were off the chain but since you pulled your interview from FOX because Palin was the host of a show that showed people making it .... I WILL NOT BUY YOUR STUFF ANYMORE. you sound racist and thats not 2010 to me or mature....you turned me off.
  • Sggs1234 Sggs1234
    March 23, 2010
    So Hot
    Thought I'd outgrown celebrity crushes but OUCH! So hot!
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