April 8, 2010

Preorder packages explained!

As we closed the studio doors on an album about survival, filth, greed,
vengeance and truth, the many years and memories of what brought us to this
point came to mind. Though Nobody's Daughter and the pre order packages are
opulent and stylish, there is a message of simplicity in the madness. Let me
explain- just like the image of the bloody glass slipper, the pageant sash
in the packages stands for world's the twisted perception of beauty,
something that is only truly revealed through self love and pure love. The
messenger bag AND the items within represent the essentials I survived on
for years only in this case, they have been taken from my past and revamped
to represent not only who I am and who you are but what Nobody's Daughter
is. When I was a snotty young punk girl, I hit the streets with an army bag
containing my guitar, music, thermals to keep me warm and of course, black
eye liner and red lipstick. That said, Let the sound of this record come to
your ears through vinyl, yes vinyl! Let the thermal shirt keep you warm and
remind you of the simplicity of survival. Ladies (and gentlemen if you're
into it)- the make up is by our dear friends Illamasqua and it's just
necessary. No one uses tapes anymore but in honor of the dying art of the
mixtape, we created a USB that looks like a cassette filled with photos you
haven't seen and some other little gems you'll surely enjoy. These items are
for YOU and YOUR support. Please, enjoy.

Pre-order Nobody's Daughter today! Choose from the 3 pre-order packages in the Hole webstore, or on iTunes (includes a few bonus tracks).
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