November 29, 2010

Burnham Tour Journals

Burnham wanted to share with you their journal entries while on tour! Stay tuned for more!


  The backstages of all the shows are huge! It’s like a maze, sometimes it takes fifteen minutes to get from one side to the other. So I started stealing one of the crew guy’s scooters to get from one place to the other. (Most likely this other place is catering.)

Yes! Catering’s awesome! There must be one hundred boxes of different cereals on this big table for breakfast, and they keep it there until dinner. So I could eat Captain Crunch for breakfast lunch and dinner! That would be my perfect world. But once they served lobster! It was delicious and I have to admit I only had captain crunch twice that day….

We have private meet and greets every show To meet the fans And I Skateboard there.

Yep I upgraded from the stolen scooter. Now it’s a stolen Skateboard!

But don’t worry it’s our drummer’s Skateboard so it’s all cool.

We went to New Jersey

To do an interview with Zach Sang from Goom Radio and he’s awesome! While we were there, we had a marshmallow gun fight. And I have to say his marshmallow guns are top notch!

The interview was great. We had a blast talking with him and we also played our song “Don’t Be Shy”. When we had to leave he gave us all water cannons, maybe we’ll have a water gun fight next time we’re there.

This is Forrest signing off! Good bye!


This week we played a show Philly and I have to say it was the loudest crowd yet! Since we were in Philly everyone decided to order Philly-Cheese-Steaks at a dinner … except me! I ordered a flounder and BOY was that a mistake! … It was DISGUSTING! NEVER eat a flounder from a dinner in Philly!
     We also took a ferry and went shopping with Jasmine V at a mall in Norfolk, VA this week. The ferry was pretty cool (apart from the fact that it was like 30 degrees on the water.) Anyway I think it’s safe to say Jas is a shopaholic! She was SO funny: “Yo! There’s Domo Shirts here! We have to get some!” Haha she’s awesome! Thought, I will admit that I left the mall with a dope Boston hat to wear for our Boston show.
    We have some of the most fun hanging out backstage. Just the other day the three of us were playing a football game in the hallway with Justin, Kenny, and Ryan, (Justin’s body guard and tour-manager.) It was awesome crazy! I WILL mention Justin kidnapped our football and used it for his meet-&-greet. So Bieb, you owe us a football! ;)
     We only have a few shows left on Justin’s tour until it breaks for Thanksgiving! WOW did it fly by! It has been SO fun and such a great experience! I have SO many amazing memories of being both on and off the stage.


Hey what’s up! It’s Alex! I’m sitting up front on our tour bus on our way to Atlantic City, NJ. This week has been really busy! We did some radio shows in New Jersey and we did a little TV promo in Philly. It was pretty cool to be on NBC Philly! I couldn’t help looking at the TV in the control room while we were playing; it’s so surreal to see yourself up there. I also had my first real Philly cheese steak. (It was the best I’ve ever had! I wonder why. ;)
            We played a little football and hockey with Justin. (that was a lot of fun.) One of my favorite things to do backstage is to shoot this little foam puck  at people. They think it’s a real puck and freak out. Everyone get’s a good laugh. Speaking of laughs, today we got our bus driver pretty good! He was having dinner with a lady friend and we happened to be eating at the same place. So, we had the waiters walk up to them with a cake that said happy 70th and they all sang happy birthday to him! You had to be there lol! Well I got to go! Talk to you all next week!
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  • monkey9717 monkey9717
    December 11, 2011
    hey! forrest u stole a scooter then a skateboard wow u aslo stole my heart! i love u guys keep rockin
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  • BiebsPL BiebsPL
    January 4, 2011
    I love yaa!! <3
    Forrest.. Will you marry me ? ;DD
  • SaraBurnham SaraBurnham
    January 3, 2011
    YEAH JERSEY!!!!!
    Yeah Alex!!! I was at the Alantic City Concert!!! yay! It was so much fun. And yes Philly does have the best cheese steaks! ps. Forrest, please go out with me.
  • glittergoddess0 glittergoddess0
    December 24, 2010
    It sounds like so much fun.. :)) I had the Bieber fever but now I have OBD.. AHHH. ILOVEFORREST<3
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