January 12, 2011

Check out Battle: Los Angeles Trailer Featuring Ne-Yo!

Check out the movie trailer for "Battle: Los Angeles" starring Ne-Yo!

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  • ileana123 ileana123
    March 12, 2011
    alien movies are the best but im mostly watching this because of ne-yo :)
  • 123qwer 123qwer
    March 2, 2011
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  • 123qwer 123qwer
    March 2, 2011
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  • KayBee726 KayBee726
    January 22, 2011
    acting :-)
    wow! looks intense, but cant wait to see. i see u and your acting skills.. you actually not that bad! :-) keep up the good work
    January 16, 2011
    Oh, WONDERFUL! Will wait with impatience!!!ONLY HERE WHEN WILL PREMIERE IN RUSSIA???
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