February 16, 2011

Video: Ne-Yo Talks Auto-tune & Difficulty Findind Love As A Musician.

Ne-Yo explains the difficulties in having a relationship as an entertainer as well his thoughts on the usage of Auto Tune in music today.

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  • JooiiceDancer JooiiceDancer
    March 22, 2011
    my greatest love
    I love you so much Ne-Yo. Come to Brazil again, please! My dream is to see you and hug you. I really love you.
  • ElianeCardoso ElianeCardoso
    February 20, 2011
    neyo love love
    neyo teamoooo
  • KayBee726 KayBee726
    February 18, 2011
    True Dat!
    I truly enjoy how you speak your mind and the truth. I could be very understanding! :-) jus thought I would throw that out there..LOL yes, I am tired of the autotune as well. it does take away from the song and voice. do it once that's it, but people are running away with it. shld have jus let TPain keep it. since that's his style....anyway! smoochies!
    February 17, 2011
    I am the happiest woman in RUSSIA
    I was just wondering, Ne-Yo though sometimes read our comments? Come here? IF SO, I am the happiest woman in RUSSIA!!
    February 17, 2011
    We live in a time with Ne-Yo, and we just for this should be thankful to God! that we can hear his wonderful song, I very much would give anything to see a live performance of Ne-Yo !!!!!
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