May 2, 2008

Im Back On The Road....

Im Back On The Road....

So this tour started off a lil' rocky. Jordin Sparks had vocal trouble before the ink was even dry on the contracts for the 1st show. It was all good tho, we said a prayer for Jordin, and kept it pushin'.

1st two shows went "ok" at best. You know, lil' choreography issues, sound issues, vocal issues.......start of a tour stuff. Then, Alicia gets sick. BAM, next two shows get cancelled. It happened very similar on my previous tour with a certain "pied piper of R&B". Two shows in, and it was over, as if there was some kind of two show curse on me or somethin'. Two shows and DONE!!!

But by the grace of GOD, Alicia pulled thru and we were back on track by St. Louis.  This was the show where we began catching our stride. Everybody's energy was up and on point, from the band to the dancers, to the crowd.......just hype!!

Everything felt good, except for me almost dropping one of my dancers on her head during a swing dance move..........yea.  Anyway, the last two shows have been on point, and we as a team just get stronger and stronger as we go.

Good reviews, bad reviews (haters doing their job) it's still just the beginning, we are slowly but surely catching our stride......see you on the road!!

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  • Vlady Vlady
    December 25, 2008
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