May 5, 2008

God Knows What Hes Doing

God Knows What Hes Doing

Man, sittin' in back of the tour bus thinking about last night's show. Jordin's back, has been for the last two. By the way she sounds, you'd never know anything was wrong at all. She's kinda sexy in person too.

Last night's show was dope. The crowd was like IN IT, in it. That's really important to a performer. Anybody that has ever seen me perform, knows that I leave it ALL on the stage. Walk off DRENCHED cause I want you to get your money's worth. But if the crowd is just sittin' Just not a fly feeling is all.

I haven't had a chance to stay n' watch Alicia's show yet, which sucks cause I'm a fan. A serious fan. I love that she's still REAL PEOPLE. No Hollywood, no code blue, none of that. Always smilin' that prize winning smile.......she's so fly.

I'm just so grateful to be on this tour. I didn't show it, never let em' see you sweat, but that R. Kelly shit really had me down. But if you think about it, which tour makes more sense with who I am?? I ultimately look at it like God knows what he's doin'. I wasn't supposed to be on that other tour. This is where I am supposed to be.

See you on the road.......

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