June 9, 2008

Ne-Yo This... And Ne-Yo That!!!

Ne-Yo This... And Ne-Yo That!!!

Been dealing with this whole drama about me saying in an interview that I was a lil' bored with the Urban scene lately. Well, it's true. I said it, and I meant it.

Just like anybody else, if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, no matter HOW much you love it, eventually you will get bored, and that's a normal person. Me, I have a very short attention span, always have, so I get bored EXTRA easy. So with everybody doin' the same ol' thing, wearing the same ol' thing, sounding the same..........MY question is, how is everybody else NOT bored??

I will always try to do something different. It's the whole essence of being an artist, evolution. Instead of giving them that "same ol'" urban music, Imma switch it up, try to add to the "urban" sound, expanding the minds and outlooks of music lovers.

Hell.....if Kanye can do it for hip hop, why can't I do it for R&B?? See you on the road.

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