June 1, 2011

Video: Ne-Yo Talks To The Wall Street Journal

Check out a clip of Ne-Yo’s most recent interview with the Wall Street Journal where he talked about working with Michael Jackson just months before he passed. Here’s a snippet from the article:

“I had to take off the thought of, ‘OK, I’m writing a song for Michael Jackson.’ I had to take that off and just write records. Because, if you go in the studio and [think], ‘I’m writing a song for Michael Jackson, all of sudden, everything you do sucks. Nothing is good enough. You think, ‘Michael would never sing this.’”

Though his moves are often compared to Jackson’s, and he wowed the crowd recently as a special performing guest on “Dancing With The Stars,” Ne-Yo said he doesn’t consider himself a great dancer. Chris Brown, he said, is one of the best dancers in the music business right now. He praised Brown’s ability to freestyle and create moves on the spot, as opposed to only using dance moves carefully invented and taught to him by a choreographer. “He can just get up and dance, and that’s fantastic. I’m not that guy.”

Read the whole thing HERE.

Source: http://www.compoundent.com/archives/2142

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