August 8, 2008

The YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN Begins September 16th!

The YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN Begins September 16th!

SEPT.16th!!! SEPT.16th!!!SEPT.16th!!!

Album is finally done ladies and gents, and I must say, I put my FOOT in this one!! It's diverse, it's "feel good", it's a word, masterpiece. Definitely worth having to push back the release date once or twice. To everybody that went to the store in August, I just want to personally apologize for the confusion and the delay. I just had to make sure it was RIGHT RIGHT ya know?

So the new single is "Miss Independent." My ode to the hard working women of the world, the sexiness that is ambition n' what not. I think that 2008/2009 and beyond, women should stand up n' let the fellas know that they can ball out too, take pride in the fact that your car, crib, baby's clothes, EVERYTHING is on you, and you got it!!! Now to those women who can't say that yet, let this record be inspiration. Listen to this record and let it be a blueprint for the woman you will work towards becoming. I wanna look at you n' be proud mama, want you to look at yourself n' be proud. Fellas, let's do our part too. If you spot a sista doin' it, or workin' hard towards doin' it, just stop real quick n' hit her wit a "I see you mama, do ya thang." It's the gentleman thing to do. SEPT.16th, SEPT.16th, SEPT.16th!!! "YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN IN STORES!!! (For real this time y'all) And look out for that "Ms. independent" on ya radio, video comin' soon, REMIX featuring Jamie Foxx comin' soon.

Love y'all. See you on the road!!!

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  • bbeauzile bbeauzile
    September 13, 2008
    luv this pic
    funny, cause that picture
    is actually my screen saver/wall paper for
    my computer at work
    love it
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