September 4, 2008

My Album Will Be Out In Less Than 2 Weeks!!!

My Album Will Be Out In Less Than 2 Weeks!!!

Sept. 16th!!!! Sept. 16th!!!! Sept. 16th!!!!!!

Marks the 1st day of the Year Of The Gentleman!!!!! Make sure you go get it. However you get it. Go to the store, hit up Itunes, whatever!!! Just make sure you ain't the only person on your block, in your class, at your job, etc, etc, that don't got one.

Fellas, time to step it back up. Nothin' wrong wit bein' fly 24/7. Get your gentleman on.. Now don't get it twisted.......a suit does NOT make you a gentleman. You can wrap a piece of sh_t in a pretty red's still a piece of sh_t!!! No, what dictates a gentleman is Charm, Class, Charisma, a word SWAG. you can rock ya jeans, ya fitted cap, ya Tee's n' what not, but it's in the WAY you wear it.

You are a Billboard, and the product you're advertising is YOU. Ladies. "Ms. Independent is your theme song for the next 12 months. If you are independent already, keep up the good work mama. If, you're on the verge, or "independent in the making" keep goin' mama, you'll get there.

If you are not independent, not trying to be independent, still waitin' on a man to buy you a drink, buy you a bag, some clothes, a car, change your life for you........WE DON'T LIKE YOU NO MORE!!!! It's 2008. If you ain't trying to do for you, we AIN'T tryin' to do for you.

We wanna be a compliment to your shine, not a means to shine. So let this song be inspiration, or an anthem. Celebrating who you are, or who you will be. I'm rooting for you.

Anyway, ALBUM IS IN STORES SEPT. 16TH. Thanx for the support. Let's keep it movin'. See you on the road!!!

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  • dametriap dametriap
    October 18, 2008
    I'm feeling that!
    I think i know why you took the previous comments off. lol! i'll behave sweetheart. No i wont! let me not lie! i'm feeling that post though. Your album helps ALL men and woman do better. As real music should. Keep up the good work and putting GOD first. love you. TTYL
  • kiesha101 kiesha101
    September 19, 2008
    what happened to our previous comments aw??? lol
    anyways that sh-t in a bow comment still makes me laugh. i know your serious but you still make me laugh! keep up the good work and may God continue to be a presence in in you life~
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