September 10, 2008

Nobody From The Year Of The Gentleman Album

Nobody From The Year Of The Gentleman Album
SEPT 16th!!!!!!! SEPT 16th!!!!!!! SEPT 16th!!!!!!!!! YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN IN STORES SEPT 16th!!!!!!!!

Ladies and gents, how are you?? Hopefully fly and content as humanly possible. I'm very proud of this album, so very much in fact that I really REALLY don't want anyone to miss anything, or let any meanings go over their heads so, for the next 10 days before the album drops, I'm going to break down the meaning behind the other 10 songs on the record, of course excluding what you've already heard, "closer" and "Ms. Independent". I feel that this'll help you all get a better understanding of what the songs are, why I wrote them the way I did, the inspirations behind them, while at the same time letting you a lil' further into the mind of yours truly.

The goal always being, allowing you to KNOW ME better. Enjoy!!


This song is more about the FEEL of the record as oppose to it being so much about the lyrics.  It depicts a woman, sexy, strong, sexy, a lil' dangerous.......did I mention sexy......??

The kind of woman the steps on the floor in the club and all the fellas want it, all the ladies wanna be it. Know what I mean?? The track is very much early MJ, very much sounding like it came straight outta the sessions for the "Off The Wall" album. This song is my MJ tribute song. I always do atleast one, every album. Can you pick out the ones from the last two albums??

Dance to this one y'all, you'll feel somethin' I promise!!!
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  • YoYoNZ YoYoNZ
    October 4, 2008
    Ne-yo it really sux coz over here in New Zealand it didn't come out till like two days ago. But I have to say that this would have to officially be my favourite song on your CD it is The best song by far.
  • Bereisy Bereisy
    September 20, 2008
    i LOVE this song!!!

    love the vibe to it, the lyrics and not to mention that voice of yours!!
    GREAT JOB Ne-Yo!!!!!! :)
  • kiesha101 kiesha101
    September 19, 2008
  • DCarson03 DCarson03
    September 14, 2008
    The MJ Connection
    I picked up on this right away. It's actually reminded me of PYT.  When you first hopped on the scene, I thought the MJ was your producer. You remind me so much of him.  I just saw your interview with Tavis Smiley. I knew you were older than they said!! You have what the old folks old soul. I wish you had more influence with our younger generation. Not saying that we are old but you know what I mean.

    This album is great!! And this does need to be your next single!! MJ would be proud and I can't wait to hear the songs you write for him.

  • Neyoholic91 Neyoholic91
    September 14, 2008
    Do i hear next single???
    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! Ne-yo this HAS to be your next single.... i smell a chart topper!!!!! Ne-yo this is a hot song.... i fell in love with it... the beat... the vocals... EVERYTHING!!!! Ne-yo you could make a bangin video for this!!! this song will be loved by all!!!
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