September 10, 2008

Single From The Year Of The Gentleman Album


This is a song about fantasy helping to ease reality. Picture this ladies. You n' your man get into a massive fight. You decide to head out to clear your mind of the drama. This is the song that comes on in the club and helps wash away all that stress on your mind. "I'll be your boyfriend til' the song goes off....." Meaning anything he don't do for you, imma do for you, but you better indulge while you can, cause I'm here for you..........but only until the song is over.

I wrote this song for two reasons. One, to show ladies that ain't nothin' wrong wit "a lil fantasy" , and two, to show fellas what could be goin' on wit YOUR girl, after you stress her to the point where she gotta go out on her own!! Might wanna settle that lil' difference before she takes off, she might come back comparing you to me!!

Make sure you look out for the other version of this record with NKOTB. It's HOT!!!!

SEPT 16th!!!!!! SEPT 16th!!!!!!! SEPT 16th!!!!!!! YEAR OF THE GENTLEMAN IN STORES!!!!!!!
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