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    December 21, 2009
    what is he actually doing in this pic???? ggggrrrr no sideburns/aaaaaawwww so cute, do you think mista stump has put on weight :S lovin it anyway...
  • ParisT ParisT
    September 30, 2009
    dorks! lol!
  • kimy26 kimy26
    August 21, 2009
    cute ^^
    jajaja adorable!!! you´re so cute and sweet...kisses (L)
  • EmoDaisy EmoDaisy
    August 15, 2009
    Patrick vaughn Stump! how dare you shave those beautiful sideburns off! when they grow back you are banned from shaving them off again! and if you do shave them off i will think of something mean to do to you...however whatever i think of will probablly epic fail because i could never do anything mean to you because i love you too much! ^^ but my point still stands! grow them back or else! i will probably just end up stalking you and huging your ankles so you cant walk anywhere! xD so HA!
  • xBessyBoox xBessyBoox
    July 11, 2009
    Beautiful guitar. Before you know it everyone, it will be mine. hehe. Patrick Vaughn Stump! How dare you shave your sideburns. :(. They'll be back, and when they do come back, you are not to shave them. PS: I'm not a mum, I'm a 13 year old who loves FOB. :)
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