Rosemont Theater 3/24

Justin Bieber

Rosemont Theater 3/24

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  • futuremsjb1928 futuremsjb1928
    August 8, 2010
    @bubble1620 one question if u dont like justin THEN WHY MAKE AN ACCOUNT ON HERE??? honestly if u hate someone that much wouldnt u try to stay away form them as much as possible? i mean come on if he didnt like his job he'd quit!! and how is he a fake do u know him personally?? uh probably not so just leave him alone and actually most of his fans like EVERYTHING about him not just that hes hot... So bakk off!! Love u justin -Kayla-
  • bubble1620 bubble1620
    August 4, 2010
    justin bieber u r all FAKE u think ur so hot and wonderful well i got something to say- ur not ur a normal person fans only like u becuz of hot u r and im not calling u hot! they dont care about ur singing they just want to be near u im pretty sure tht u hate ur job sometimes missing out on all the past crap well im not ur fan i will never be ur fan im just saying ur life will become a total joke u will never have a normal life again tht might not bother u but it effects me and a couple of my friends!?!?!?!? if u want to write me back if this is really u then here is my email<> tell me how u feel now becuz ur a cheep!!! HAVE FUN WITH UR TOURS JUSTIN LOVE YOU!!!???? ( being sarcastic)
  • 01jessicaluvizutto 01jessicaluvizutto
    July 10, 2010
    eu amo você justin!
    HI justin, when you come to Brazil? please come soon! I love love love love you so much! I need, I want to see up close, and I know this is a bit hard, but who knows eh! wish you only knew that my city is very very small, and when I saw your video One Time, I showed all my friends, nobody here had seen .. dai started and find out more about you, I even had a folder with some photos here in my computador more my boyfriend got jealous and deleted: ( hope you come soon to Brazil and who likes a lot, I hope that during the show you pick some girl up on stage and then go to your dressing room to take pictures with you, and would very much among thousands thousands of girls you chose me rs A case could add me on msn (I do not know if you have) is if you have more please add me? jessica.luvizutto @ thank you, thank you!
  • LaurenPerry LaurenPerry
    July 9, 2010
    Hey Justin....
    Hey Justin, I'd hate to be one of your many fans begging for some attention but it would really make my day if you could send me an email or an IM or facebook message or something. Your my favorite singer in the world! You are so unbelievably gifted! All your songs are so beautiful and I smile every time I hear one. Thanks for making me smile and for just being you. :) You don't have to message me or anything because you're probably really busy but it'd make me really happy. my email is I'm praying for you and your great success :) thanks <3
  • SarahSolich SarahSolich
    June 24, 2010
    Your Email
    Hi Justin, I was wondering if you could send me an email...if you could that would be the greatest gift in the world! My email is: My friend Emma kinda has 'BIEBER FEVER'really would mean the world to her if you could send her an email too, her email is: She would love for you to catch up with her and myself! :)) THanx
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