CarlyMichelleHaas 11/30/2010

I'm writing a paper for a Media and Society class about "Beautiful Disaster". I've tried to research the history behind the song, but came up with nothing solid. So I guess I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me why Jon wrote it? Any information would be greatly appreciated! -Carly Haas Senior Graphic Design Student-MVNU

Dear Carly, So here's the gist of it - The song is written from a 17 year old girl's perspective but I think the reason why the song has resonated with so many people is because it's about something that everybody deals with - that being body image/self-esteem issues etc... It's said a lot and it sounds cliche but we do live in such a time where physical appearance is a huge factor in every day life and it gets destructive when, in reality, we were all made differently with different bodies and minds. But there is this underlying pressure for us to be Brad Pitts and Heidi Klums walking around.



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