olpers 11/30/2010

Have you ever done, or considered doing, remixes of Perfect? My fianceé and I both think the lyrics of that song are best described by its title, but we're afraid it might be too fast for a first dance. So Close and Smack Into You are obviously more suitable for waltz and similar styles, but we don't resonate with the lyrics the way we do with Perfect. We've actually considered moving to a more upbeat swing style just so we could use Perfect we like it so much! Thanks for all the beautiful music you've made.

Hey the first dance is an important one! Im honored to be on the short list:) Unfortunately, a remix of Perfect is pretty unlikely... I can tell by the way you type, however, that you have pretty good dance skills and I think you guys could pull off the faster tempo. Hope its a great wedding no matter what song you pick - congratulations!-j-



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